Mercy & Double-Standards

None taken. I respect your opinion and intend to better myself.

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Still gotta disagree with that wall of text, the simple fact is that if hide-and-res really did cause your team to lose almost all the time, it wouldn’t have been nearly as prevalent as it was.

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Sweetie, did I not say how it was because of the broken SR system? Furthermore, there are way more bad players than good. Bad players think the larger the number, the bigger the value. Also, people tend to confuse “Hide n Res” for ducking into cover when hearing the enemy team advance towards your team.

I know what you said, I’ve just gotta strongly disagree with that.

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Hide and Rez existed as a viable strat since season 2. The SR gains drama happened around season 5.

Hide and rez came to be after Resurrection’s range nerf at the end of season 1. Where nobody had issues with Mercy not being invincible because she could Rez anyone from virtually anywhere. When they reduced the range the souls had to be closer, which also created “Die on Point”. The only way to sucessfully pull off multi man Rezzes without dying was to hide and wait until your allies died on point.

The SR drama happened because the system was giving too much SR for the amount of rezzes done per game. The boosters would use Die on Point and Hide and Rez as strats in order to inflate their Rez count no matter the outcome of the game.

The SR exploit and Hide and Rez are two different things altogether, maybe you werent there when Mercy got the first Rez nerf or when the SR exploit happened, in which i understand, but saying the strat was done solely for the SR exploit is wrong.

No, no, no, no. It was never a viable strategy. Especially, when invulnerability didn’t exist.

It was also done because players are bad or were just misinformed. If they weren’t getting rewarded for it, the strategy would’ve died by itself. Also,

People wouldn’t knowingly use a strategy that is bad. It is because they thought it was good.

Enemy uses high coordination and multiple ults to win a teamfight.

Mercy swoops in and presses Q.

Reaper/McCree wait for shields, deflect, DM, CC, to be gone to use their super situational ults.

Shush OP


You can’t disagree with a fact. :joy:

What’s with people call eachother “Sweetie” around here?You’re the third person in the last few days after that Bri guy and someone guy who’s name I forgot.Just what is up with you sweethearts?Inferiority issues?

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I truly out-gayed myself.

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No, i mean we can still pretend and gaslight the past as “only bad players did this” but the reality was that Hide and Rez was the best strategy for Mercy even at the highest ranks. So saying only bad players did this cuz they’re bad means you’re calling pretty much anyone that played during season 2 to season 5 competitively- bad.

Grandmaster mercy mains hid and rezzed.
Top 500 Mercy mains told others to die on point.

Players knew Mercy had no impact during a fight, high ranked players knew Mercy would be picked off first of they stood in the open during a teamfight.
Teammates knew hide and Rez was a viable strat and would pressure their Mercies to hide even at high ranks.
Players screamed at their Mercies if they didn’t hid and died first during a fight because it meant they lost the fight.
Players like EeveeA, Animetic and Vale hid and rezzed.
Competitive Mercy players made guides on this. They weren’t misinformed or confused. Everyone knew very well why they used the strategy.

Because it wasn’t. It was low-risk high reward. Before the Rework Mercy was a must pick in 2CP because of her ultimate. Mercy mains told others to spawncamp Mercy players on 2CP in order to take her out.

But i mean, you can still gaslight it and scream “OnLY bAD PlaYeRs dID ThIS!!”, or ask yourself why it was a thing. (Hint: it wasn’t because it was bad).



Some ults DEMAND hiding and baiting abilities and ults.

Dragonblade, if you just do it in the middle of a crowd, you will be shot down before you can finish the weeb screech, you HAVE to come out of a strange angle, otherwise you get booped, stunned, hacked, and counter-ulted back to spawn.

Ults like Blossom, Visor, Noon, Blade, RIP Tire and Barrage REQUIRE hiding and ability baiting to work properly

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No need to pretend. It’s the truth.

Nope. Tempo ressing is.

“Hide n Res” becomes more counterable at higher ranks. :joy:. Why do you think people there only ever tempo resses. EeveeA even agrees with me.

“Anyone”. You’re pretty much calling everyone bad. I only said that bad players used the strategy. That certainly is not everyone. Also, the thread I quoted literally highlights why it’s bad in more ways than one.

SR abuse, my friend. They lose less SR and gain more SR by hiding. Why do you think people started to notice GM Mercy players having negative winrate whilst still climbing? Like I said, if the system wasn’t rewarding it, the strategy would’ve died by itself.

Oh, please. Players know that ressing during the fight is way better than ressing after letting your team die.

High ranked players also knew that their team will protect them accordingly.

Because they were misinformed, thinking that hiding is good when, in fact, letting your team die intentionally means you are losing value out of the ultimate because you wouldn’t need to use it if you stayed with your team and healed them.

Definitely not EeveeA or Vale. Animetic using “Hide n Res” was uncommon but it did happen. That being said, a lot of people tend to confuse “Hide n Res” for ducking into cover.

Yes I know. People thought they knew how to play Mercy effectively. They didn’t.

Oh, but they were.

They were under the illusion that it was a good strategy and the SR system fed into that. In other words, they were misinformed.

It was low-risk, almost no reward.

Using Resurrect to stall is a misuse of an ultimate.

Lmao, no.

It was a thing because of the broken SR system and the fact that people thought it was good because of:


I mean, you can still scream, “It WAs aN amaZING stRAteGy beCausE PEoplE iN Gm usED tO dO iT”. It won’t change the truth.

I’m sure Silver support mains are truly masters of target priority and everything else too.

Quality topic.

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Let me tell you a story.

Mercy’s healing sucked.
It wasn’t enough to keep her team up.
So she hid.
And she waited.
For her team to die.
Then she pressed Q
and brought them all back in no time.
Back at full health
and still having their ults,
while the enemies used theirs up.

60 heals is pretty decent. I mean, there are heroes with lower heals.

If that was the case, Mercy wouldn’t have got reworked because of “Hide n Res” since Jeff clearly states that he doesn’t like the fact that Mercy players would stop healing to hide. If her heals weren’t enough, they would’ve just buffed her heals and called it a day.

Not ideal.

Question. Why is the enemy team expending any ultimate against a 6v5 without a main healer. They should be steamrolling the fight. If not, they simply got outplayed.

It was 50 hp

They didn’t tho.Don’t know why.

She waited to see a nice 3x on her screen.

Stop living in the “Land of make-believe”

Na na nah dont engage in that. They’re too delusional thinking high ranked players didnt knew how to play Mercy cuz THEY BAD and/or only did it for LE EBIL SR EXPLOITT.

Just- just smile and wave. Smile and wave.


Alrighty skipper


It got buffed.

Cuz. They be dumb.

Dude… you replied to something you wrote.