Mercy & Double-Standards

“I just think hiding in general shouldn’t be condoned in a game live Overwatch where every little counts.”

But this still has no meaning. Gee golly, what were you trying to say? Feels more like you were having a stroke.

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I BELIEVE hiding in general shouldn’t be accepted in a game like Overwatch. Not just certain heroes.

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Eh, i’d have no problem if they’d remove hiding as a strat, but Reaper’s is faar from being a problem because he’s balanced around the fact that his ult is best used when hiding. Doesn’t means he instawins for pressing Q, and he puts his team at man disadvantage everytime he goes hiding-- putting his team at huge disadvantage defensively, something Mercy laughed at because Mass Rez allowed her to put her team at man disadvantage and get rewarded for it.

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I confidently disagree.

Usually. Most of the time. Almost always, Mercy would end up getting her team wiped if she uses her ultimate by the means of hiding. Hardly think that’s rewarding.

I mean that’s simply not true, otherwise it wouldn’t have even been a strat in the first place.


The strategy exists because of the broken SR system. Here’s why the strategy is bad:

“Hide n Res” would’ve died on its own. It didn’t need people intervening in it.

TIL Seagull, XQC and all the other pros are bronze DPS mains.

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You’re entitled to your own opinion. :woman_shrugging:

You rezzed. You got rewarded. Not surviving the next teamfight is hardly on Mercy.

That’s like saying you ult as Pharah and got half a team killed, only for the other half to kill your team and lose the teamfight. I wouldn’t say she didn’t got rewarded for ulting because her team died nonetheless, you pulled off a sucessful barrage- you got rewarded with kills.

Reaper ults. Reaper dies. You get rewarded.

How does that make sense? You don’t get rewarded if you die right after…

I wouldn’t use Seagull as an example. He prefers old Mercy. :slight_smile:

Just because he “prefers” it doesn’t mean he likes it. He loathed Mass Resurrect as an ult.

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Yet he wants it back. Again, bad example.

He never said he wanted it back. If he did say that, I want a direct quote. Or are you twisting words again?

Edit: Also I was quoting the OP because she said it was all bronze DPS mains who complained about mass resurrect. Which is obviously not true.

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I will find it for you.

Hmmm… When have I done this? Oh! :open_mouth: You’ve been listening to Sankaku. He’s not the brightest star in the sky. :slight_smile:

Yeah I know. I don’t agree with that either.

I have observed by arguing with you myself and arguing with others. You nitpick and take things out of context all the time. No offense intended but you do it all the time.


None taken. I respect your opinion and intend to better myself.

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Still gotta disagree with that wall of text, the simple fact is that if hide-and-res really did cause your team to lose almost all the time, it wouldn’t have been nearly as prevalent as it was.

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Sweetie, did I not say how it was because of the broken SR system? Furthermore, there are way more bad players than good. Bad players think the larger the number, the bigger the value. Also, people tend to confuse “Hide n Res” for ducking into cover when hearing the enemy team advance towards your team.