Mercy does not require the same game sense as everyone else


Again, this is my opinion. Everyone is entitle to his or her own opinion.
However, Yes I do think she requires more Game-Sense compared to the other healer to a Certain Degree.

You list that she has an escape of 2 second cool down, which is true… however your escape depends not only on your position, but also your teammate.

Passive regeneration activate after one second of not taking damage. Literally all the healer besides Ana, and Zen has some type of self-sustain passive… not just Mercy :kissing_heart:

Hey mate I am going lead you on a secret, clicking on someone profile and only viewing “quick-play” is not a great way to justified who and who I haven’t played. But since you ask, yes I do play other healers, I for one just prefer Main Healers (Mercy and Ana)

You are also saying quickplay doesn’t count, but you want me to play other healers in comp? A place where having one healer is quite rare, as “no one knows how to heal?” I am not going play Lucio for solo heals, neither am I going play Zen for solo heals. It is a pain to even get one, what makes you think someone is going pick a second healer?

Ana is good, but in the state she is in as of right now is not really great spot to play in competitive, especially with all the dive and barrier going on.

Moria, I can play her in competitive, however the team need to be group up and be communicating, which is also rare.

Therefore I will play one of the best solo healer which is Mercy.

I know, personal problem right?

I agree, Ana and Zenyatta has no mobility.
Lucio aura is limited, yes however it’s an AoE healing in which all the team have to do is group up.

Yes, position safely just like all other healers. As along as there is an enemy within 20 meters of range, she can be with her team and still heal and contribute with damage.

I literally laugh at this. Nobody thought anything mate. We was strictly talking about healers. The fact that you brought her in this conversation makes me wonder :sweat_smile: Oh well.


If anything you’re trivializing it by blowing it out of proportion. The guy only said that Mercy’s don’t CONSTANTLY get flamed. That’s a reasonable and true statement. He fully conceded that players (including Mercy players) get flamed SOMETIMES and that he doesn’t like it and you come in and go “UMMM ACTUALLY! LOOK! MERCY PLAYERS DO GET ABUSED!” which NOBODY was even arguing against. You are so ready to be antagonistic that you make an idiot of yourself. Chill.


Alright, I really don’t see us getting anywhere here if you’re going to brand anyone who disagrees or provides any counter-argument as a “liar”.

Of course it can be refuted. There are videos online of Mercy players getting flamed in-game, sure. Every hero can have that. But there are also countless videos of people playing Mercy where they don’t get “constantly screamed” at. It doesn’t take a genius to see the gross hyperbole in what you said.

Every player on any hero can get hate at some point. This isn’t exclusive to Mercy players.


I never said Mercy requires more skill than the other healers, this is a strawman. But as for your post.

Maybe for the past month since her nerf she has become the same target priority as the rest of the healers, but I assure you, when multi rez was a thing and Mercy 2.0 until her mega nerf, she WAS target number 1, no matter what. That is a true statement.

Every put nano boost on your mercy so she can fly in and get all her rezes? You know who they were targeting me as she did it? Mercy, not the Ana healing her.


Thank you Torkahn808 :kiss:


Mostly in Competitive Play and Quick Play? Those are the two main gamemodes. If we’re going to look at other game-modes, Mercy is a super good pick in Team Deathmatch, Total Mayhem, 6v6 Lockout Elimination, 3v3 Lockout Elimination and many others. Those gamemodes aren’t really too relevant, though.

What really matters is Quick Play and Competitive Play. Jeff Kaplan released the highest ten pickrate heroes across all of the Competitive Play ranks.

That’s quite a lot of Mercy across all ranks. Her usage and pickrate is incredible still. She’s not so much fun, but she’s a powerful hero.

Mercy is seeing a decent amount of use in OWL, too, if that matters to you.


You strung two points together. One addressing Magnusjin and the other another claim. ritzyuk when in depth insisting "I’ve never heard a more blatant exaggeration in my life. I’m sorry, but mains of all types get some flame from people every now and then. Not that it’s right, but saying Mercy gets “constant” screaming at here is a flat-out lie. "

People flaming or griefing mercy excessively since you insist it isn’t true?

Ah here we go reddit search:


Mercy griefing is getting out of hand



I’ll fill" does not mean “I’ll Mercy”

There’s a few hundred examples, enjoy.

Which was was refuted by hundreds of other examples. SirShaggy are you that desperate to mislead people? Obvious troll. People can see they are entirely different people and points. Care to apologize?


I’ll put it simply for you. People responding to you in this thread are not denying there is Mercy hate. We are saying that there is hate for all heroes at some point.

You’re being called out for your blatant and unfair exaggerations that are wholly untrue. You realise that your whole point that Mercy recieves “constant screaming” will just crumble under a few videos of someone playing Mercy without being constantly screamed at, right? I think it’s obvious that those videos already exist in absurd numbers.


Wrong, YOU strung two points together. You put both sentences directly next to each other and then when people think you’re using that point as evidence for the statement you just made you go “STRAWMAN!” instead of just clarifying yourself.

It’s not true. Most games with Mercy’s in them end without the Mercy player getting flamed. Not all, but most. Look up the definition of “constant” and “hyperbole”.


I don’t know about you guys but I’m cutting my losses and calling it a night. Pk doesn’t want to have a conversation or a discussion. He’s either a troll or incredibly stupid. Have a good night!


I never claim Mercy was exclusively flame, people posted she’s #1 targeted to being killed, and recently received the most excessive nerfs. She’s griefed one of the most in game and out.

The irony you getting worked up lying, and yelling over a Mercy thread. But wouldn’t blow gasket as hard for other non Mercy threads. You proved my point. So why don’t you take your advice and “chill.” When you cannot refute a point you resort to name calling. Strangely it irritates you more when facts, examples, or research is presented. That’s not constructive.


Then she was not excessively nerfed as it is a net buff since 1.0 based on those numbers.

And we have no statistics for her pickrate outside the main game modes, which makes sense considering that arcade is not considered when balancing characters.

Also frequently=/=constantly.


Oh, I completely missed this. Sure, I guess you could count that, but how often are you shooting on Mercy versus Lucio and Zen who constantly need to aim shots? And even then, Mercy’s bullets have one of the largest projectile hitboxes in the game.


Whenever the opportunity arises, many people keep forgetting that leading an hand with Mercy’s blaster is far better than damage boosting in most case of scenarios.


If you’re poking and your entire team is safe, sure, but not in actual fights unless you have to. The weapon swap animation delays her healing, while her damage boost is instant. In most case scenarios the safer option is to not pull out your pistol in case a teammate takes damage because then you could fall behind on healing. Zen and Lucio however have no opportunity cost for firing their weapons so they get a lot more use out of it.


It just depends, because if both of you can quickly drop the enemy, once done you can quickly heal and be on your way. It just depends honestly.


Nah, you want me to exaggerate and so you can paint it as “hyperbole” to dismiss a point. I didn’t make these posts and experience btw.

Ah here we go reddit search:


Mercy griefing is getting out of hand



I’ll fill" does not mean “I’ll Mercy”

Nor did you read them all. So don’t lie. I do agree that Mercy is #1 target to kill the most which takes more game sense to recover or do their job. It’s more taxing with excessive nerfs and cool down that make her a sitting duck to be killed more than any other support. I also said previously “check youtube or twitch just about anybody playing Mercy for an hour” people do excessive yell for rez in general. That’s fact. You want to keep attacking caricature/strawman that’s all on you.


lol try ana/zen,. they require far more gamesense than mercy, their kit is more complex, decisions too (espcecially ana), they don’t shift around neither they got skill to visit the skybox


True, cleanup Mercy is a lot of fun when it does happen. Honestly, I think I’m better at aiming with Mercy than any other character… Which is kind of sad, haha.


it’s not sad at all, I won plenty of FFA matches with Mercy. It is simply the best.