Mercy demanded changes thread

I’d like this to be a thread where Mercy mains demand all the ways Mercy need’s to be improved, in comparison to newer and monetized heroes like Kiriko. I’ll start:

-Remove Bunny Hop’s target requirement, and make the popularized flight mechanic granting mobile autonomy a separate ability with a shared cooldown.

What’s her hps atm? Because increase that.


More open feet skins would help distracting enemy players

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Her current hps is currently under 65, and keep in mind, Kiriko, who has a mass-death denial, which rez was, has 70hp, alongside mobile autonomy.

I have a better proposal.

Heavily rework Mercy and then gatekeep Mercy behind a premium battle pass.

Didn’t someone say it was something ridiculous like 100 something in another thread since she heals 10x or something?

Either way, Mercy at least needs 70 or 75.

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Or we can not one trick mercy and pick another support when the situation demands it instead of crying on the forums.

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Complaining about others free will to critique on the forums, on the forums, is as hypocritical as it gets.

Cognitive dissonance aside however, that’s why the thread is about Mercy and not (insert non power crept support number X.)

Mercy currently does 55hps on an uninterruptable healing beam. Anything more than 60, I feel, fundamentally breaks her healing vs. effort to apply it. Mercy’s healing isn’t as much the issue with her compared to other healers. Mercy’s utility in damage boost and resurrect more or less just isn’t enough to keep her competitive with the other supports. Resurrect is theoretically more powerful in a 5v5, but with one less person on the team to protect her during it, it can be more of a liability than ever.

The problem with Mercy, in the past and now, is that she can only do one thing at a time and she sacrifices her ability to heal to deal damage and vice versa. The compensation is supposed to be that damage boost makes up her inability to deal damage, but she only averages like 2000 damage boosted per 10 minutes, which is less than any other support can dole out in the same time.

Mercy either needs to be able to swap weapons faster to allow her to dynamically swap between healing and dealing damage, or they could give her the ability to duel wield on a cooldown and then let her swap weapons normally when it’s on cooldown. That way, Mercy has the opportunity to contribute damage to the team but it doesn’t hinder her ability to heal. They could even disable damage boost during the dual-wield and put shoot button onto right click.

This wouldn’t drastically change Mercy’s playstyle most of the time, but it opens up her skill ceiling a lot more as people who can aim will get more value from her ability to multitask.

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Does she really need to dual wield a staff? Why can’t she just left hand it and blaster hand the other? That’d be fun.

That was what I meant by duel wield. Staff in one hand, gun in the other.

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I mean critiquing and posting 3 threads in the same day about mercy needing buffs because a significantly higher skill support is better are not the same thing. You’re wasting your time with demands

Yeah it’s 55. Are you actually a mercy player though because to me it seems that you call guardian angel “bunny hop” which aren’t the same thing
Bunny hop is a tech, not the ability itself
So your thread is a little confusing to me ngl lmao

The devs (and ow team) are going to ignore any change proposed to Mercy to improve her and give her the necessary buffs in OW2, they are willing for her to die totally and there is no type of improvement, they want to kill her, there is no more.