Mercy can't possibly have been designed by someone who loves playing her

In my experience you are WAY LESS mobile during valkyrie compared to regular play. You have the POTENTIAL to be more mobile, there is no reason to be. Once you reach the skybox you just hover there and you’re pretty much safe. During regular play you swoop back and forth using guardian angel, this is not something you do, or need to do, during Valkyrie. So, there is no reason for the increased mobility to be there as it is pretty much pointless. I’d happily throw away free flight during Valkyrie because I find it boring and mindnumbing.


I don’t think Mercy players really understand why they liked her, and while they might ask for that, they’d hate it if they got it.

For one thing being a hated troll pick is not a nice lifestyle.

That is because you hate Mercy, you have a bit of a bias there, mate. Yes, the nerf was unnecessary which is why her statistics are plummeting and you have essentially every Mercy main rattled, and even people who do not play the character, such as myself, concerned. It is BAD balance. I could care less if a character you wanted nerfed got nerfed. It should have been a different nerf and they should have buffed the other supports long ago.

I am not even sure where you are getting the vibe that healing should take effort when the only character that is true for is Ana. And that is MERELY because she has to aim in an FPS. And she still has an AOE grenade, and now an auto-lock burst heal in addition to the fact that the hit-box is wider and she mostly aims at tanks. No idea why Ana mains get elitist about essentially playing Splatoon. Not saying you are one, but this attitude is reminiscent of it.

But yes, I suppose the one pure healer should have another job. I guess. Whatever.


I dunno what the deal is, every YT video Ive seen of Mercys trashing on Valkyrie just fly to the top of the skybox to stay still practically. Guardian angel across the map to your teammates, use it to get to high ground, pull out your pistol, its like people dont see the opportunity of vertical mobility? Its such a great tool and its like people are completely numb to it and just want to float and complain.

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They liked her because ;

She wasn’t the typical FPS character and those who didn’t play FPS before playing OW had a character that appealed to them.

Had an ability that gave them the feeling that they truly attributed something to their team rather than just being a pocket.

I mean it’s clear what Mercy Mains enjoyed about her, at least from the threads and the Mercy players I’ve played with have constantly stated.


Dude what? I had 360 hours before the rework and I know good enough what I liked and didnt like about her. Plus I wouldnt hate if we got this rework suggestion right here.


Neither is being an OP must-pick. While people will demand that you play that hero, they also hate you for doing so. The insults and threats got a lot worse during Mercy’s OP phase than they had been before.


Amen. Completely agree, this is what attracted me to playing Mercy. Add to that the swooping back and forth, I really enjoy that part too but I guess that might be included in the “not typical FPS character”


I have two friends who weren’t big fans of FPS; and only picked up OW because when they saw Mercy and how she played, they realized that it wasn’t going to be the typical FPS game.

Now they’ve actually expanded a bit and have found some FPS they liked because OW was the first introduction to it.

I’m glad cause now I have more friends who are willing to play more FPS games with me now. (still can’t get them into TF2 though…but I’ll take a L4D2 group)

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Thats very ignorant. I remember everyone calling for buffs to ana and other supports to compete with mercy, yes even mercy mains as well. I also remember anas kit being pretty much the same what it is now aside from ult buff, which means anas enjoyment factor was still relatively the same. And youre going to tell me after all this time, for a rework that nobody even asked for, after all these anti-fun nerfs, where the devs have been completely silent, that I should suck it up?


I started playing just before 2018 so I don’t know what was happening before that. I was here when she had valkyrie on 20 seconds with 2 instant ressurects on E.

I don’t understand why is mercy now boring to play. Was she fun to play with her mass ressurection? What made her so different? You have your ult let’s say every 2 minutes. The rest of gameplay was spent holding down left/right mouse click on your team mates (no different than now). Are you going to tell me a press of a button every 2 minutes made her overall fun?

Mercy will always be boring because of the nature of her kit. Compared to other healers she is supposed to be “boring”. All she does is hold down mouse buttons on team mates and that’s about it.

All other healers are much more fun to play than mercy because you are actually “involved” in a team fight. By that I mean they are designed in a way that you need to interact with enemy team (ala do any form of damage) automatically making them much more fun than holding down left click on your team mates. Even moira is more fun because you are forced to engage and damage enemy to get some healing resources back.

It’s weird. I saw people asking for Mercy buffs before her last nerf and said that they would because the only said “right now” when they said they weren’t going to change her.

Here is my personal reasons:

Well, it seems you have experienced why Mercy’s current kit is boring. It’s about left-clicking and little else. They removed a lot of the decision making process. They lowered the skill ceiling and made her too easy to play. She was never difficult, but your decisions used to matter a whole lot more than they do now.


I mean, every symmetra main had to embrace the changes coming her way whether they liked it or not. Now it is mercy’s turn. Judging by blizzard’s past actions it is safe to asssume they are adamant about changes they make even when there’s some huge uproar about it. Nothing is going to change and we have to accept that. My favourite hero (Sombra) is not exactly great and I have to accept that. Remember the infinite stealth “buff”? The outrage there was? So yes, we have to suck it up. We all do.

Her base healing was stronger until the last nerf so it’s harder to keep you team alive but there were people saying she was unfun before.

From what I’ve seen, they just want a moment of “look at me, look at what I did”, which is kinda ironic since many people blame DPS mains for complaining that Mercy would take away their big plays despite also complaining than Mercy didn’t have a “glory” moment.


I’m not saying “don’t be critical of their decisions”, I know I’ve been, but don’t straight up antagonize them either.

They did make the game you’re playing and love enough to write this much about in the first place, I know there’s a lack of transparency that leads to frustration, but you don’t need to be this spiteful about it either.

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I don’t think that essentially calling the devs you enemy helps your cause.

Anyways, they did make this game that your so passionate about.

I haven’t played since January… I don’t love the game anymore, I despise it. And as someone who spent money on lootboxes and buying the game I’m a disgruntled former customer. That is why I still post here. Perhaps they’ll eventually get their act together and focus on making the game fun again, but until then I’m going to call them out on their lies and their manipulation.


Not passion… customer dissatisfaction… those are different things.


I dont hate Mercy nor Mercy players because I loved playing Mercy before. Emphasis on ‘loved’, before this…mess.

Unfortunately, ever since her nerfs, I groan at the sight of Mercy on my team. Not because of the player or the hero itself, but the fact that other supports are worth more than her. Sure she can rez me, but compared to other healers, she cant sustain the team well like the other main healers, Moira and Ana.

Which is ironic since shes supposed to be a main healer, not an off healer. I just dont see her worth on the battlefield anymore.