Mercy can't possibly have been designed by someone who loves playing her

This. Not only arent ana mains few in numbers, but non support players weren’t really that affected during her nerfs. On contrary the mercy nerfs where a result of mercy’s must pick status that made mercy a requirement so even non mercy players frequently talked about her as well.

Plus the guy throws a bold assumption that mercy players are being vocal simply because ana outshines mercy and not the drastic change in playstyles from juggling to pocketing :confused:


Say things like “the devs are not my allies” and then wonder why they don’t address your BS directly

honestly this is the most laughable Mercy thread I’ve seen to date

so thanks for that at least.

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there is a difference here. mercy isn’t being enjoyed and not even useful to the team. Yes she can still be played but other supports would do a better job than her plus if you do pick her, you cant even feel the excitement of the game, you’d constantly stress if you’ll be able to save someone from death if they are low before they die or when to do a useful ult cuz tbh i lost track of a good mercy ult. i literally use ult just to kind of try to initiate a push with my team and kind of warn enemies that they should as well so they’d waste theirs cuz i can technically initiate the same push without her ult by damage boosting the right person.

it’s just annoying that her kit doesnt provide anything impactful other than rez and its sad to see that it’s more impactful than her ult :confused: plus if i want to stress about playing her, at least i want to feel the adrenaline pump up when i do something actually good hell, increase her difficulty, I’d rather they make her harder but more impactful than easy to play (although she isnt as easy other than no aim) and before you say play other heroes, I definitely do. I love ana moira and brigitte (at least she’s fun lmao) Mercy’s general kit and her flying mobility is what attracts me to her and i want to be able to enjoy her but still have difficulties doing something with her. it’ll feel satisfying at least. Like at least provide her with an actual high risk high reward ability because if it fails then enemy team would feel amazing and if the mercy player pulls it off, it’ll feel rewarding. Sounds fair doesnt it?

and again it’s just what i think and my opinion. I just forgot how it feels to actually contribute something to my team when i play mercy and because I really enjoy playing her, the fun is just instantly doubled when i do impact a match someway or the other.

kind of sad that this happens because people are never satisfied when one hero rises because they are actually in a good spot and riot to get them nerfed to the ground.

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Saying things like “we are you allies” when they’ve ignored multiple communities (Bastion, Mercy) for over a year is laughable, so thanks papa you know who for that.


We have, we want a reply.


The rework make Mercy played much more, which is success by definition.

This is the “hard to believe” argument. Since every part of the kit is improved or the same as before. Your argument is based on the hypothesis that Mercy is summarized with Mass Rez ult. No mas rez=no fun. NOONE, aside from Mercy mains, is buying it!

You know the Mercy’s main perspective, I will give you the perspective of all other, ready:
Mercy gameplay is equally fun as before.
She is much less passive than before.
She is still strong and the most consistant healer in the right hand.
Rez is still super strong.
The rework was globally successful, but gradual nerf was needed to have the other main healer being played.

Because they are not your doggies? Doing everything you want?

You are talking of there job, here. Maybe you do not consider the fact that Mercy’s fun comes after overall balance of the game.

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Oh really? Heals were nerfed, ult just heals more, rez is now sluggish and can only rez one person. Where is it in anyway improved? 'cause all I see is a downgrade.

Fun is subjective
She’s more passive with the introduction of valk and a rez that freezes you in place
She heals less than Moira now
Rez is so weak, it can barely be used.

In the dev update, they said they wanted Mercy to be “fun, impactful and engaging. A game changer.”. The rework was a failure.


yea i totally agree the rework was suppose to be fun and engaging and yet we are still getting all these toxicity for voicing out. they wouldnt know since their mains are all still engaging and fun

It’s easier to just stop playing her at this point, it’s pretty obvious that my “subjective opinion” of what I think is fun or not doesn’t matter. So I’ll just amuse myself some other way instead.

Fallout will arrive soon, and the new Assasin’s Creed, I will just hope they turn out well. There’s also Anthem later in February for those with patience.

Just sthu. Honestly. Quit the game. We’re all tired of your constant nagging bs

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Pretty much. Smash ultimate, Spyro reignited, Monster hunter world, there are a lot of things to do. ^^

I mean, even though I’ve pretty much quit playing, I’ll still complain about Mercy until she’s fixed and the way the game is run lol.

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They are nerfing Mercy because she was too OP. She was always a must-pick. Now, you dont need to play Mercy to win a game. Mercy isnt worse then other healer and isnt better. That is called “balancing”.

You realize Ana has about the same stats now as Mercy had before her last nerf? :joy:

No she wasn’t.


I don’t mind people complaining about mercy needing buffs, I want her to be viable, but pouncing on every opportunity they get to cry is not the way. After Dev Update there were at least 9 active mercy threads, it’s annoying tbh.

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And you have to understand that balance comes first.

That’s what happens when you have a public forum and people are upset. Doesn’t matter if you mind or not, people will continue to make threads.


How is she viable when she has a negative win rate, she’s supposedly easy and a strong healer yet she can’t win games. also when last have you played her? All these people who say she’s balanced and viable, make your profiles public, let’s she how much time you’ve put in checking that out on the latest patch? Her kit is heavily dependant on teamwork - how much of that is in the lower tiers, who do you gaurdian angel to?

How come the streamers are quick to outline which comp each healer is usesfull in and what they are good at, but when they come to Mercy ther’s silence? They know shes’s rubbish right now. The first one to triy and place her in any Role is Sty in his video, about the upcoming phara changes. He tries half heartadly to make out that she is still viable but to be honest if the phara player is good and hits the direct hits consistantly they will be doing more damage anyway and you don’t need to waste a slot on a sub par healer. Any way who wants to just dangle behind another character while the rest of you team die?
Orisa’s damage buff is better, moira’s healing orb does the same amount of healing a Mercy and through barriers, her ultimate is faster too and all the other healers have better offensive cababilitys. Ana can heal burst damage and let’s face it Mercy can’t even keep one teamate alive from a wiston attack how can she afford to stop for almost 2 seconds to res someone else. Nano boost is now way more effective, SO WHAT IS MERCYS ROLE NOW?