Mercy can't possibly have been designed by someone who loves playing her

Fun =/= Overpowered… This should be quite obvious. Also, the fact that we want mass ress back as you’ve already said. It is literally, historically weaker than reworked Mercy.

It wasn’t. It most definitely wasn’t. Mass Resurrect was close to being balanced. All they needed to do was add a cast time, do some LoS fixes and tweak the ult charge. Also, this assertion isn’t reflected in pro play. Before the rework, she was F-tier in pro play, only ever used to pocket a Pharah. You’d think pros would take advantage of an ‘overpowered’ similarly to what the team’s in the OWL did.

Well this is obviously false since she was fairly balanced for seasons 4 and 5. In reality, Resurrect on E can only be fun and impactful if the ability itself is ridiculously overpowered and in turn, can’t be fun and impactful if the ability in question is riddled with movement debuffs and extremely long cast times. I mean, it literally is an ultimate cast time because no other ability can be compared to Resurrect on E’s cast time. Further shows that Resurrect should be an ultimate, not an ability.

You’re personal experiences can’t be applied to everyone and, statistically, she is extremely underpowered.

Is that why the OP in question literally said that he would exchange a lot of things Mercy has just to make her more fun to play. Sorry, this doesn’t add up.

This is even less constructive than the ‘Mercy spam’. :man_facepalming:

Oh please, let’s not act like this is just a one-sided issue. Both sides are equality guilty of this. Now, you’re just unnecessarily trying to antagonise a whole group of people… As for the megathreads, that literally has no relation with ‘Mercy toxicity’… Megathreads are for feedback. Classing that as toxicity is frankly dumb.


That’s how an ULT works, yes. You charge it, then use it.

Moira doesn’t have infinite healing output, she must deal damage to enemies to fill her pool faster.

I think Valk is in the right place. Resurrecting one person as a ULT is too weak for an ult. Resurrecting multiples is apparently way too strong.

Keeping Valk in it’s current state is good because it would allow a mercy to charge her healing pool much faster because of the chain and mobility mechanics, making the ULT very useful in the right occasions. Again, adding risk/reward to Mercy play.

Moving resurrect to a pool sort of fixes all the problems. She isn’t OP, she isn’t UP, her ULT is good and useful, but not game breaking, and her Resurrect is very strong and useful, however now an enemy team has options available to counter an enemy Mercy other than killing her or selecting her form the hero pool.

She now has the ability to make big game changing plays by using her Pool very wisely during key moments and engagements.

I can’t see anything negative from moving Res to a pool-type mechanic other than Mercy will have to work harder to earn the res? Isn’t that what people want though?

Christ, this thread is a mess. We just want Mercy to be fun again. She doesn’t even have to be the best healer! She can be weak, and we’d still love her. But we want her to be FUN. That’s it.


This whole thing. Just awesome, I agree 100%.

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Not talking about it at all is considered silence, I guess.
They are ignoring Mercy.

Think again. It was historically underpowered for most of its existence and only became remotely viable after the invulnerability patch. This sounds much better:

Apparently Resurrect on a CD is way too strong


  • They gave it a ridiculous amount of restrictions and it still was overpowered.

  • Erases picks with ease. That’s OPAF.

  • They gutted everything else in her kit to make room for it and yet, they still failed because she’s now underpowered…

Valkyrie is a disgusting conglomerate that should’ve never existed. It

was scrapped during the beta for a reason. Here’s a more in-depth explanation:

Quite the opposite really. This is reflected by her appaling on-fire rate. That aside, Valkyrie can’t make any plays unless you go full throttle DPS mode. It’s just easy mode. Resurrect on E, because of its restrictions, is almost impossible to use during the fight and is therefore almost always used before or after a fight. That being said, if pulled of during a fight, it can prove to be quite play making. I’ll give it that.

As for the rest of her kit, it’s pretty self explanatory tbh.


So are there any reasons as to why moving Res to a pool mechanic isn’t going to fix these problems.

I personally have used Valk many times to initiate, gain and hold as well as halt an enemy. If you consider a 30% DMG buff to the entire team unable to facilitate plays then i’m going to have to stop there and question that.

Right, so that’s just another opportunity to fix her. They could buff her fire rate, and once she’s on fire this could be reflected by an increase in passive charging of Res pool.

I am really convinced there is plenty of wiggle room here.

No idea what that is.

I mean, that’s just you enabling your team to make a play + if I wanted to do that, I would’ve just went Orisa.

It’s worth noting that Orisa gets to continue playing the game while boosting her team 50%.


I find it hard to believe that Jeff has as many hours on Reinhardt as he does and he’s somehow in the state he’s in.

Play Moira.

That’s a really interesting perspective there.

No, explain it.

It can’t. It just enables others to do so.

You may find this hard to believe, but it was downright embarrassing to play Mercy when she was OP. It was fun for like a week and then it’s like, “uhhh this can literally never be shut down”. I remember seeing a Reddit post with a D.Va who got rezzed I think 3 times in a row because the Mercy just swooped in, rezzed, and flew off. That’s bonkers unbalanced.

The only thing I enjoyed about the six month Mercy Meta that no one wanted was when I’d pick her, someone would say “oh thank god I can play a support I actually like”.


They can’t show bias towards one her they have to please others

People wanted Mass rez gone Mercy mains wanted and E they didn’t want to get rid of rez so they tried to do what no human has ever done please everyone and well you can see how that went

Fun is pretty subjective. I think shes a blast.

Mercy has A healing beam A god damn healing beam only dedicated to healing and should have less healing GTFOH.


I’m getting really tired of people crying and complaining about Mercy needing nerfs reverted/rebuffed. Halve the heroes have actually been ignored or “buffed” in the way of nerfs.

Mercy has always been and still is a solid choice, she doesn’t need to be the best at everything.

EDIT: However, who knows. People complained about Brig being too strong so much that the devs caved in and nerfed her.

Not trying to be rude but I’m going to be extremely rude :joy:

If I was Jeff, I wouldn’t mention it unless there was a change I was certain I was going to implement. Kind of feel bad for Jeff making a fun game just to have people retaliate when character adjustments are made. This happens in literally every champion/hero based game. And why mercy is supposed to be immune to this is frankly beyond me.

I’m a mercy main and I hate her current state but I don’t think we should be so toxic towards the devs like come on guys. We ALL need to be a little more mature because every post like this increases toxicity towards mercy mains so much and it makes all of us look awful.

With that being said, I don’t think the fact that mercy was meta is any reason or excuse for mercy to be underpowered now. I’ve said this a million times but the only reason I’ve seen as to why people are against mercy buffs is some excuse about her being meta before so we should just suck it up since the other healers were in a bad spot for a long time. But there’s no logic behind this idea, it’s all fueled by emotions and grudges, and it’s a generally bad practice to follow cuz then there won’t ever be any balance for the support category, someone will always dominate and someone will always be a throw pick if we truly followed this ideology.

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