Mercy can’t boost Dragonstrike on PTR


Junk tire isn’t damage boosted when you damage boost Junkrat.

Turret isn’t boosted when you damage boost Torb

Sentries aren’t booses when you damage boost Symm

Venom mine isn’t boosted when you damage boost Widowmaker

Concussion mines and traps aren’t boosted when you damage boost Junkrat

A lot of things fall under this “single exception”.


…But it won’t fix all the problems with Mercy’s dominance


Hanzo is going to suffer this far more than Mercy, or at least that’s my prediction given that neither she nor Ana will be able to boost his ult in the future.


Yes and this combo is the only combo that trans can’t outheal, which is lacking consistency.



This was back when Mercy had Mass Rez and could completely counter this ultimate combo.


It’s what he deserves too lol


Deployables have never been boosted, is not an exception, those are a rule, they go by a different mechanic, that is apples to oranges, in this case Dragon Strike is not a deployable, not quite a separate entity, that would mean Mercy shouldn’t be able to boost anything that is a projectile.


She’s been mega powerful ever since this successful rework with 8 nerfs and seemingly a 9th needed.

It’s like Rez every 30 seconds, along with the most consistent kit in the game, is too powerful or something.


Lame fix…seriously who balances this game?


Just give her divine palm Tbh


Looks like we found what needs to be buffed then, I recall Genji’s blade getting lower duration to keep up with Transcendence, maybe said ultimate just needs a buff, but you are still punishing team play anyway.


Boosted Rocket barrage? Boosted Meteor Strike? Boosted Whole Hog?


Can’t the same argument be made with Trans?

Zen done well to build up his ult in time, to save it for the right time and keep his team protecting him?

If you think about it, Zen’s ult counters POOR teamplay and the gravstrike is just that if they ult when Zen has trans.

Zen should be able to outheal this combo just like with every other combo.


If anything quite a few ultimates can’t be boosted, not the other way around, let’s push it a little, if this person is a Mercy main upset about a possible nerf then I would say nobody is claiming for another Mercy nerf but this person seems to think otherwise, is very confusing.


That might be true right now (even then I’m not so sure) but what about future ultimates and abilities? I don’t really like the idea of making an ultimate an exception to the existing rules like this because of a combo.

That, and I’m not so sure Transcendence being stronger is a good thing, Zen’s already becoming more and more dominate as time goes by.


Yeah I’m aware they used to be neck and neck.

But that’s not because of any spike in pickrate.

That Mercy pickrate increase seems more easily described as “Oh I guess that Mercy actually isn’t bad since that January nerf”

Slow and steady increase at nearly the same rate for 5 months.


Transcendence can’t out heal large burst damage, which is it’s counter. It’s meant for countering sustained attacks.


mercy player chiming in here

*I never boost Dragonstrike when my team uses Hanzo and Zarya. Which i am surprised to see the combo in silver


It applies to Sym’s turrets, Torb’s turret, and Junkrat’s Rip-Tire.


Still won’t be enough if she’s too far away. If she’s close enough to outheal trans, she’ll be gunned down quicker than Mercy can heal.

You can’t lock onto DF when he ults, can you?

Same applies to Hog as does to Pharah.

Not to mention both Pharah and Hog can easily be stunned at such close range.


I’m just gonna quote this again.