Mercy can’t see souls

With the summer games event starting today, i wanted to play mercy for some reason but immediately ran into a glitch where i can’t see my allies souls, which makes it very difficult to try to resurrect someone (finding angles, flying to their not present souls). This is only happening on xbox as far as i know but i just wanted to get the word out that it’s difficult to play mercy with it present.


Bumping this ^^^^^^^^^


Bruh I thought it was only me-

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Having the same issue on PC myself

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Same problem in asia server too.
Really annoying, plz fix.

It’s also on PC. PLEASE FIX. It’s so awkward to rez now haha

Came here to comment this, Mercy cannot see souls anymore.

Yeah I thought one of my friends turned it off on my acc so I went to look up and see if I could turn it back on. However I found this. Blizz fix yo sh**

Please Blizzard, fix this as soon as possible

It’s also happening on ps4, when do you think they will fix it?