Mercy, Brigitte, Sombra, Bastion, and Many issues I have with the community devs, and the balancing of the game. (MegaThread for All Issues even ones i missed)

Bastion can be balanced, his minigun is fine. He needs reduced spread on it, ironclad to be gone, give back tank armor.

thing is, before brig, there was no hard counter to good dives, the best you could do is run anti dive with orisa/hog/junkrat/etc, but that only worked a handful of times. Dive was still dominant

Rein has always been the most used tanks outside of high tier, hes easier, simple to grasp.

And yes, dive meta was definitely ‘be mobile or useless’

so make him more of glass cannon which is already a major problem of his? Youre nerfing him incredibly to give him tiny buffs

I wasn’t bothered by the changes at all. Well I was until they put stealth range back to normal which felt better.

Also lowering the sound of translocator.

Overall I just want bug fixes and that QoL change too.

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bug fixes would be massive buffs, i mean, ik bug fixes are needed and i do want a bug free sombra, but thatd make hack way more reliable, itd be like df bug fixes, just, sigh

We really need more anti cc

When you say anti-cc do you mean something like Zarya bubbles where you can put on characters so they’re unaffected?

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Not even a TLDR is needed. Have you read Titanium’s post. Your post is as long as 1/5 of it.

But yes. I agree with most of your points. Apart from Mercy being in the most balanced state she has ever been. She was in the same state (mid-high F tier) at season 3. The only difference is that she was fun back then

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Mercy’s winrate has been a stable 49% in GM for a while now and she has been losing pickrate so you should correct that part. Also having 49% winrate and being a dedicated healer with non niche but an overall steady kit isn’t balanced. It’s plain undertuned. She definitely doesn’t need a revert to the unhealthy Mercy 1.0 but she needs that 10HPS healing back if we want her to be viable.

PS. Do you know what heroes have lower winrate than Mercy in GM right now? Nobody. Playing with a Mercy against an Ana is the worst matchup you can have statistics-wise right now

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1.0 Was more healthy for the current game really as she countered poor ultimate management (which was double edged sword. Mercy could punish herself too) but was also fun to use. Yes, ofc, they could have added LoS tweak so it’s more counterable, but that is for another topic.

Mercy’s pickrate has dropped by an overall 1% over the course of 20 days, I doubt it will fall more. Her winrate is negative everywhere but in diamond and the average winrate is 48.8-ish%. (She has the 4th worst winrate in the roster) The rework was with good intentions, but I think after the January nerf we shouldve realised it would fail and needed to revert+tweak/rework her again

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Hmm, I can’t agree with any of your comments on Mercy.

Some of your other points are interesting, especially about the anti-CC.

Uhh no? Mercy’s overall pickrate has been a little under 5% this week (varying from 3,62% to 5,67%), it was a little over 6% last week and 20days earlier about 13,5%. The trend slowed down when her pickrate hit 7% which is understandable considering her main playerbase. The trend has been downwards ever since with natural variance on some days. The more you go towards the present the more alarming her statistics have become.

Also saying that Mercy 1.0 was healthier for the game than reworked Mercy 2.0 is correct but both of these iterations of Mercy have been abysmally unhealthy for the game. That’s why they’re just piling and silencing all the trolls still proposing a revert. Mercy was completely fine before the latest healing nerf as she was in line with other supports statistically when compared by healing/damage/utility. Her damage boost change was accidental according to the devs so that should be left as it is now of course. She just needs her 17% back to be balanced or even viable again

If you do the math its 20%, but I still think it wouldn’t resolve the main issues Mercy players have with her. She is extremely boring to play and has become a bland chacater

You’re completely wrong about Mercy. First off, her win rates are absolutely not increasing as her pick rates decrease. I’ve seen this a lot on the forums, and I don’t know where this misinformation is coming from.

Her win rates have been remarkably stable for weeks. They’re below the tier average in every single tier. She’s the lowest win rate hero plat-gm, and the second lowest bronze-gold. On any given day, she’s the lowest win rate character period in some of the tiers from diamond to gm, and is in the bottom 2 or 3 in the others.

She’s in as bad a state as she’s ever been. She’s not performing her role.Picking Mercy, in any rank, will lead you to lose SR. Every single one of her competitors is doing better than her. I’m not sure what your definition of balanced is, but it’s either a really strange definition or not in accordance with the reality in the game.

The Mercy discussion is not about making her op. It’s about making her viable. Currently, she is not.


Alright, so here it is in it’s most basic form: Old Bastion was weak, but it was because of recon, transformation speed, and self repair. New Bastion is weak for the opposite reason’s, those being tank and sentry.

One idea we have is to combine what’s good about him now and what was good about him then, along with some changes to IC. This would mean:


-Spread reduced by 33%

-Headshots added

-Ammo reduced to 200


-Removed as passive

-Attached to self repair at 25%


-Now gains 150 armor upon activatio. This armor is removed when the ultimate ends

If you do’nt think that would work then I could give you some rework ideas.

Can you spot the odd one out?

But I do play other supports, check my profile, but I love Mercy and want to be able to play her and like it. :frowning:

Right now I’m not even toggling between heals and boost, all game I just switch healing target and fly a bit. That’s it, she doesn’t really do much other than that - can’t rez because 9/10 it’s too unsafe, can’t boost because your healing is more needed (also, can’t pew-pew for the same reason).

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Lots of people loved Mercy because of her decision-making game that old Res would involve, and how you felt impactful by healing and saving your team when your heals wasn’t enough.
Every person is different, you don’t like Mercy, I don’t like Junkrat, another person doesn’t like Roadhog. But is not because you don’t like a character that its players should receive this treatment, and left in a horrible state. Lots of Mercy players agree she’s balanced, but not fine. Because her whole kit feels like a mess and you feel like a sidekick. Mass Res had its problems, but it was healthier than actual Res for sure, since its regularity would depend on the player gameplay. This one is a constant cooldown, no effort to get. And yes, it had problems, but Blizzard didn’t even tried to fix it. They went straight with a rework, that was pretty worse than the original version. It wasn’t justified to go straight away with this whole mess.

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can we buff reaper alrdy

I think Sombra’s fine, I just wanna be able to reload while translocating, then I’ll be happy

I’m not in disagreement with your overall post, but…this?

You don’t even consider stun, which practically guarantees a kill far better than hack, more oppressive?.. lol.

a stun is up to 1s complete impairment of everything except view. Hack is a 6s silence(disables everything except movement/lmb/some passives like a silence in mobas) when it goes off, sleep is a 6s stun when it goes off if not interrupted, and freeze is a 2s stun when it works, and if we count blizzard thats also a 6s stun. Difference is those ccs are much more difficult to pull off, but that doesnt make their effect not more oppressive/powerful.

i do like the idea, but how do you think itd effect the rest of the game? Bastion could become overpowered if hes too good at damage as a glass cannon or be overall weaker due to his passive being put on self heal

Yea, i guess i can see that, honestly id much rather them try a different rework instead of going back to old problems or not addressing the unfunness of mercy rn.

care to explain?

reality of the game is, mercy is in the most balanced state shes ever been, while also being in the most unfun state shes ever been in. She is still viable/good, but not in every scenario.

understandable, thanks

anti cc is an effect that either reduces the duration of a CC effect or fully makes you immune to it. This does not include barriers as barriers are not effects, now if a barrier gave off a cc resistance capability, then itd be anti cc(like zarya bubble since it blocks 90% of cc)

Theres a lot of ways to implement anti cc in the game, as seen in other games. I want more zarya and orisa tier anti cc or 25-50% cc resistance abilities, as zarya and orisa are the best anti ccers in the game, while others(mei/moira/etc) do have anti cc but its not even close to as good as zarya/orisa