Mercy&brigitte nerf; ana,lucio&moira buff


it finally happened… other healers got buffed and mercy nerfed.

i dont think brigitte needed a nerf tho.


They could buff Brigs recast speed or duration on her heal/armor ability to compensate. :slight_smile:


Ffs let the supports be for once and focus the main tanks


i think the nerf just makes her more boring to play.

waiting 7sec to be able to use the bash that is also used as a mobility ability is kinda meh… but i guess the community got what it wanted.


wow this sucks :frowning:


1 second I don’t think will make or break her, I don’t think it was necessary. But I’m mostly a QP person. Still like to see her be able to heal a little more frequently, even if that meant they had to reduce the value on her ability.

But yeah, fighting that stun is pretty annoying I get that. Hopefully they’ll nerf the other heroes who are annoying to fight.


This is one of the best patches i have ever seen. Gj blizz.


Brigitte was fine, I don’t think she needed even further nerfs.
It’s the only thing going for her. Her healing is quite low, so overnerfing her signature move will make it a tough choice to pick her.


i’m just happy i can play moira as a main healer in comp again without being yelled at to switch to mercy



you dont know that yet…

moira cant heal reliable through barriers… mercy can.


shhh, i can dream… at least i can play lúcio again

i do think brigitte didn’t need another nerf tho, at least not to shield bash


Inb4 Mercy stays meta and people start complaining again. Yeah I dont think the changes will help in any damn way sorry.


Honestly only ones that will make a big difference are Ana and Lucio. Especially if that 300 HP healing on Nano is affected by her Biotic Grenade since that could just heal a tank to full at the press of a button.


Thank god thank god. I’m just too happy about the ana buff, hundred of hours on Ana players (like myself) not being told to switch to LMB bot.


Hopefully this is enough to make choosing the best healer for a team more interesting. I’m pretty hype


These changes are exactly what we need to diversify the support meta and im loving it!

Mercy gets a slight nerf to balance her with everyone else
Everyone else gets a slight buff to balance them with Mercy
Briggs shield bash nerf is not that big, maybe we’ll see a rise on flanker heroes to neuter snipers.

Overall good sh¡t Blizz