Mercy breakdown - what do people want

The goal of this post is to try to get an understanding of what a few people representing a portion of the mercy community that also happens to post on forums want



the only thing that i can say is that she needs something that gives her boosted single target healing for a short duration at a cost.

Amp it up goes up to 47 hps for 3 seconds only, how is that burst healing?

baja can you provide feedback on the topic above. if you disagree state why. posting what you did doesnt provide any value to this thread. If you have an opinion, please elaborate and support your ideas.

Thank you


Well most of us would be having a lot more fun if he skill ceiling was increased.

its fine that shes easy to pick up and play but we would like it more if she was hard to master as atm its pretty hand holdy with e being given to us on a silver platter,valk taking away beam juggling for 15 seconds and flying makes positioning trivial as you will just hide behind a building or die before you can make use of your ult.

Her base kit of her staff pistol and ga would be fine if she had 60 hps which is what most people feel is the baseline for a main healer.

Option 1

so going by this theres afew ways to proceed we can rework mass rez, give it los,short cast time, and remove invuln on mercy, perhaps give her some e to compensate for these nerfs since in 1.0 she struggled to mass rez without dieing.

Option 2

We turn valk into a single target beam that gives boosted healing, but for damage boost it keeps its aoe chain beams since tweaking mercy damage beams is pretty finnicky.

Super jump into a feature and rework rez on e or scrap it for something that doesn’t way down mercy’s base kit as it will only work on ulti.

Option 3

We drastically rework mercy and replace her e and ulti to something that better reflects her hyper mobile main healer role.

Option 4

Make Mercy into a fallen angel mutation/monster having been brainwashed by talon and experimented on and make her into a hybrid support/dps.

This one is abit more out there but hey it could be interesting to see an ingame lore progression, especially with someone like mercy who’s just been so devoid of lore.

Those are afew solutions to the problems people are having with 2.0


in his case it’s burst healing because he is tripling his healing output. It’s basically a mercy ult at slightly less healing.

Yes! Give Mercy her skill ceiling back and make her more strategic again please.

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What do you mean by “give it back”? Are you asking for her to be reverted in some way? Because hiding without LoS and mass rezzing an entire team you yelled at to all die on the point wouldn’t increase her skill ceiling whatsoever – it would lower it even lower than it is now.

Thats not how I played her ever at all. Some people abused that for the broken SR gains and Blizzard should have fixed that way earlier.

Reverting would be the easiest way I think. They already have all the stuff and only need to tweak that instead of making something entirely new. By giving back her skill ceiling I mean the strategy behind mass-rez and yes it had one if people can accept that or not. Here is a thread explaining it better than I ever could.


Ideally, Mercy would be a hero who is picked for her ability to consistently and effectively heal teammates through sustained damage.
I know OP doesn’t want to get into specifics, but it’s hard not to bring it up when talking about what I’d like to see Mercy’s role as. Ignoring resurrect, I thought 60 hps and 30% damage boost Mercy was perfect for this role. However, resurrect gives her so much utility that she can’t heal that well without being an OP monster, which isn’t what I (or most Mercy mains) want. Seeing a teammate in danger and flying in to save them was why I played and loved Mercy, but now it just feels like you’re prolonging their death rather than actually saving them.


I want:

More chances for skill expression. To me, this means having an ult (and preferably also an E ability) with a wide range of impact (which extends into the ability/ult backfiring if misused). The better you are with gamesense and thinking on your feet, the more impactful you’d be with mercy’s kit.

QoL tuning to Guardian Angel and angelic descent: I want the superjump to be made official, and a “contextual” GA targeting option that combines the behaviors of the default “Guardian Angel prefers beam target on/off” targeting modes. I also want Angelic Descent to be a proper glide instead of just a featherfall.

Restore the high risk/high reward skill ceiling. While Mercy should maintain her skill floor of “play it safe for guaranteed value”, her maximum value should only be attainable by demonstrating a mastery of gamesense, strategy, and risk/reward assessment. Just as a godlike Widowmaker represents the pinnacle of FPS skill in Overwatch, a godlike Mercy would represent the pinnacle of MOBA skill.


I want a kit that promotes aggressive play.

When my Genji dives in, I like diving in with him. let some other ho babysit Pharah

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People think they say they want mercy to be fun but people write stuff like “she shoudl be the strongest healers” “shes a throw pick” etc which are all unrelated to how fun something is. Jeff was right in his analysis. A lot of people want her to be the best- they just dont realise they do. Shes not in a bad spot at 50hps, and with the valk buffs, if jeff thinks it will make her OK (it prolly will ngl) then anyone asking for some reallly extravagant buffs wants her to be OPAF.

What I personally want with Mercy is simple. I want her to be brought back to where she was truly engaging, impactful, rewarding to play, and balanced. I want a Revert + The tweaks. :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


That would be Ana’s job anyway but instead she spends the time shooting her down.


Which is interesting because apparently, at 50 hps she is literally more effective than lucio while in valk since she doesn’t need to be anywhere near the fight and the branches are pretty close to Lucio’s range (lucio is 12m, chain healing on valk is 10m) yet somehow people call her “trash” when compared, specially with her buff to 60 hps… nevermind the fact that it lasts 4 times that of amp it up and that Mercy herself is being healed a ton more than what Lucio heals himself

yes but we are comparing lucios basic ability to mercy’s ultimate.

Isn’t that kind of odd? Lucio has arguably better evasiveness than mercy in valk.

and as you’d expect, Mercy’s is more powerful when looked at numbers-wise and her evasiveness is still pretty high considering you acquire movement on vertical axis plus GA speed is increased while in valk

So while yes Lucio’s ability cuts close to Mercy’s ult, it still falls short

O boy, here we go again…

In my personal opinion, mercy is in terrible condition right now. She supposed to be the main healer, yet fails doing even that one job. Did you know she can’t outheal monkey’s damage if the monkey isn’t buffed by anything? Oh, wait, did you know that she can’t outheal BRIDGITE (who’s support btw) damage done to your teammates? She still can hold lead in healing but what the point? The difference of number is to low to consider, and other supports can as effectively damage opposite team, nevertheless most of other supports abilities either the same level of power as resurrect or even higher. And please stop this bull!@#$ about resurrect being imbalanced and go and try to play it. In 90% it’s used out of combat if some random hanzo/mccree/add your hero made a luckyshot before the clash even begins.

In the end, we have decent golden/silver healing with almost no damage input. Sad but true.

Mercy desperately need some changes which could be either returning her healing rate to 60hp/s, adding some new safe ability with reasonable cd, or changing her in a way she can produce more damage (aka buffing pistol/pistol during valk/removing cd on switch between weapons etc.)

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Reduce Valkyrie active time to 8 or 10 seconds.

Give Mercy the ability to AOE Rez when Valkyrie is active and Resurrect is off CD.

AOE Rez still has the same restrictions as single target Rez (Cast time animation lock and movement speed slow).

Mercy will need to get into 5M of her allies soul. Upon successful completion of cast time, an AOE circle around the Rez target will appear and all dead allies caught in a 10 to 15M circle around that Rez target will also be Resurrected.

The goal is to trade overall power in active time and trade it for a burst impact.