Mercy Beam like Symettra


The game is in a good spot in my opinion. However I’d like to suggest Mercy go back to 60hp (or more) but change her beam to be like Symettra. Make it where Mercy has to aim it. Probably with more range though.

Reason being? It would level the playing field for all healers. I feel that Mercy’s healing is too easy and therefore makes it harder for other healers to be a must-pick like she is. And her rez is still amazingly strong.

Plus if you made her more aim-based, it would reduce the allotment of mercy mains in M/GM that are being carried. And conversely, it will provide proof to all those people hating on mercy mains that they are skillful.

This post will most likely get a lot of hate. Some of my other suggestions got hate … but eventually were implemented. Figured, why not go another round?


That’s an awful change. She has received 13 nerfs, stop already


im sorry pal but the point of having mercy not to aim is the point of her in the first place. they made her for people that dont want to aim. lucio doesnt aim. zen doesnt aim (for heals that is)

the (or more) is literally the worst idea ever. people are complaining about 60. you want them to be okay with more?
and i get she’d have to “aim” for that but she isn’t meant to aim and i DOUBT they will make her aim.

but yeah. just think your idea isnt really ideal for her.


And you’ve earned it. Since every rework of every hero failed horribly you shouldn’t be proud that your crap suggestions went live.


That’s totally bullsh!t. Learn, that there are more skills than mechanical skill involved in this game. The main focus of this game are exactly NOT mechanical skill which makes it kind of unique among FPS games.
So a GM Mercy is GM because she has superior tactical, situational, positional and teambased skills. She deserves to be there.
If you can’t live with that, go back to Call Of Kindergarden, really.


Or maybe she got boosted. Seen it enough times. Amateur mercy duos with a widow smurf and skyrockets because at the end of the day, Mercy is the only hero in the game that can be so forgiving when it comes to impact.

Also, no I’m not agreeing with the OP whatsoever, I think it’s a bad idea, I just needed to point out that many a high ranked Mercy are boosted as sin.


I agree with you that snipers are too OP and can boost EVERY hero. So we should address the snipers. You are right.


Symmetra lost consistent short range damage by losing the auto beam. Now lets have mercy lose her pathetic 50 heals a second too.