Mercy and Valkyrie

So I’m not a Mercy Main but while thinking it over I realized that Mercy’s Valkyrie is currently still completely balanced around Mercy’s Old Resurrect.

At the time of the rework, Mercy had instant Rez. Valkyrie refreshed Rez and made Rez’s cooldown 10 seconds for its duration. Valkyrie lasted 20 seconds.

Now obviously this is overpowered because this makes Mercy capable of getting 3 rezzes in 1 team fight but it also explains why Valkyrie does so little healing compared to other support Ults. If it did something like 120 hps, it would make winning the team fight impossible for the enemy team.

Blizzard has said that they wanted to not have Mercys hide and let the team die so they gave her an ultimate that lets her be in the fight without actually having to be directly in the fight because she can just hover over the battlefield.

They also made it so that she doesn’t die to focus fire while hovering because then it would be useless so she has active regeneration and faster speed.
It also increased her combat capabilities in case players wanted to play that way.

Of course there was always a reason to come back to the ground because Rez was instant back then.

Nowadays, Rez takes 1.75 seconds which makes it impractical to use in the middle of combat. Valkyrie no longer refreshes Rez either and lasts 15 seconds.

While using Valkyrie today, there are currently few optimal situations where it is beneficial to come back directly into the fight because they’ll get you instantly killed if you’re losing the fight.

Also, unlike Moira’s ultimate, you can’t stop a Death Blossom or similar damage numbers with chain healing. (Death Blossom does 170 dps for 3 seconds. Moira’s ultimate does 140 hps.)

So…yeah. They should probably give Mercy something that she can actually do in Valkyrie.

They need to reduce the duration to under 10 seconds so they can buff the actual healing it does I would say about 5-8 seconds while base beam does 75-80 hps while the chain beams do 50-60 hps

Or maybe just scrap the entire thing again together with E-rez. It was never good for the game or the hero so deleting it and making something else would be better. Chain beam, free flight… all that stuff just takes away what a good Mercy player should be able to do without such a damn easy mode.

Give her 2 instant or semi-instant (.65 sec cast time) rezzes during Valk, nerf the duration to 10-12 seconds, and replace E rez with a different ability. Easy

I’d be down for a strong valk but with no HP regen, and maybe a self-afflicted grevious wounds. Riskier, higher reward.

The whole point of the original Valkyrie and Rez was that Mercy could stay indirectly in the fight but also had moments were she went in for immediate impact. Simply buffing Valkyrie’s chain healing would probably turn it into a worse version of Coalescence. It also doesn’t change the status quo back to the original intent.

Uhm, I never mentioned making the chain beams stronger, there is always an option to make it have both chain and single beams, and stronger healing on the single.

Almost every support in the game has an ultimate that increases their effectiveness and survivability. Valkyrie just went one step further and gave Mercy complete control over the tempo of a fight. She no longer has that. But Valkyrie still gives her more options than she had before with Mass Rez.

Its a pocket for the team which can be easily outplayed. Plus it cant stop any DPS ultimate or even focus fire. So “complete control” is a bit too much since she only watches her team and hopes they get stuff done.

Rez gave her power because thats her best ability by far. Thats why it should be an ultimate.

Not really. Best thing is damage boosting several teammates otherwise its ok or gives options that shouldnt really be one liek battle Mercy. Yes thats fun but not the purpose of a sup ult. Here in case you want to read a long thread about what many of us think is wrong with Mercy.

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The point I’m trying to make is that Valkyrie was never supposed to be that strong on its own. Its synergy with Resurrect was what made it powerful. Simply buffing Valkyrie today doesn’t really solve the problem because today’s Valkyrie is incomplete.