Mercy actually has a really trash ult tbh

Except you don’t need to know who to heal because you get AoE heals and dmg boost with Valkyrie… As for finishing off enemies, just don’t. It really won’t work as you go higher up the ranks. It’s less risk = reward and more risk = high chance of flopping.


That…is exactly what I said in my first sentence silly! I said in the higher ranks you can’t get away with it unless you’re OWL level really. But in the case where Mercy isn’t working, that is where other supports get to shine now!

Now that she isn’t a must pick, you swap to counter just like the enemy will swap to counter you. Like the game was intended :slight_smile:

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But while Moira/Ana require aim, ability timing and intense positioning, Mercy is attached no matter what with constant, consistent heals (taking out CC of course, but I’m referring to strictly barriers in this instance). That is what makes her great! Her healing isn’t blocked by barriers like Moira/Ana so while on paper, the healing looks better, in an actual game those numbers are lower! :slight_smile:

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Then let’s just take the pistol out of the equation then. It really isn’t useful. With that removed, the only real thing Valkyrie offers that will impact the fight is AoE damage boost and heals.

A bunch of people just decided to quit…

Every hero in the game counters Mercy… With your logic in mind, I can’t possibly play Mercy at all…

[Citation Required]


I play mercy a lot. I have over 100 hours on mercy. Shes my 2nd most played character.
If you dont like mercy and think shes boring to play, just play a different hero?

I like Mercy cuz of her mobility and how her kit is built around decision making and strategy. If this is just gonna devolve into ANOTHER “mercy is no fun give me mass rez back” argument, I’ll see myself out.

Mass rez was garbage and was never going to balanced in a way that was healthy for the game as a whole. It was always either going to be too good or not good enough.

Buff Mercy’s ult charge rate a little bit to be on par with the other healers and otherwise leave her as is. She’s in a good spot now otherwise.

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It’s almost as if we don’t just want to quit playing our mains because the devs f***ed them up…

I disagree.

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Kinda proves my point there.
A 1 second cast time is too short for an ultimate that resurrects everyone, heals mercy back to full, heals everyone still alive by 150, and gives revived allies over 2 seconds of invincibility.

That’s a LOT of stuff it does. Too much.

So youd probably need to extend the cast time. And then it starts feeling frustrating to use cuz you get killed or stunned every time.

And it ends up being what I said to start with. On one end, it’s too difficult to counter. And on the other end, it’s too difficult to use.

Also, that pacify ability would be hilariously broken. A hitscan ability you can fire from across the map? RIP every damaging ultimate ever.

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  • 1 second is pretty long considering the Mercy has to be in LoS to Res. If people don’t stun, hack or kill her within then, that’s there fault.

  • the heals for Mercy is the replacement for invulnerability. We don’t want a repeat of “Suicide Res”.

  • 2 seconds of invulnerability where they are unable to move.

There’s a limit?

If you can’t stop the Mercy within one second, that’s your fault…

Requires aim. Also, it’s on a CD. I mean, it’s like a CD version of Zen’s discord. (Probably not a good example)


Mercy’s rez on live right now is 1.75 seconds and any half decent Mercy player can get that off pretty consistently.

You wanna cut that almost in half and say that’s plenty of time? But people can barely deal with it as is. .

I didn’t say you couldn’t use it, just that you need to be very careful and know what you’re doing. That is where skill comes into play my friend :slight_smile: Her other abilities are still really valuable during Valk, it all comes down to timing my friend!

A bunch of people just decided to quit…

You can’t play the same game forever my friend, we grow and with that our tastes change ¯\(ツ)/¯

Every hero in the game counters Mercy… With your logic in mind, I can’t possibly play Mercy at all…

That isn’t what I said at all, you’re going to extremes! Please do not do that, it’s unhealthy! D:

Like the game was intended

[Citation Required]

Towards the end of the page, it sort of emphasizes:

“As the tactical situation changes during a match, you may find that you’d like to change the hero you’re playing.” Even going into how to do so and reminding you that you lose your ultimate. There are also interviews regarding the 1-trick issue were the devs say YES you can 1 trick but you’ll find less success due to them wanting the idea of the game to swap to counter the other team.

This is why in OWL, the highest level of the game, teams swap when heroes are not working to counter the enemy :slight_smile:

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Personally, out of all the ‘nerfs’ that happened to Valk it was the 2 seconds cast time/slowdown DURING Valk. I don’t mind the cast time outside of the ult, but during the ult didn’t make much sense to me but before the nerfs it was really, really strong indeed!


I can agree with that. I thought all they needed to do was remove the bonus rez and cooldown reset. Being able to spam out 3+ rezzes inside of 10 seconds was ridiculous.

If they just left the CD timer at 30 secs always and made valk remove the cast time without giving any bonus charges or CD resets I think it would’ve been fine.

Because it’s used after the fight is won or by the means of hiding.

No seriously, skill is not relevant. Becoming a temporary DPS puts your team in a situation where they don’t have a main healer which is not ideal to say the very least.

They quit because of everything included in the Mercy rework. Worst thing to ever happen to Overwatch imo.


If swapping off to counter was the way the game was intended to be, they would be banning and punishing one tricks. Fortunately, we know that they don’t do this, not knowingly atleast.


zen deals damage besides his healing unlike mercy :expressionless:

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There are already two ult-denying support ults. Why should Mercy’s be the same way? It’s best to run one of those two supports WITH Mercy for exactly that reason depending on the enemy team comp. It’s not like teams can only have one support hero.

Also, if you’re falling asleep, you aren’t doing enough. The 15 seconds in Valkyrie should be some of the most involved time you spend in any match and with any hero.

I dont use it after the fight.
“Zarya bubble me when I start to rez”
“Rein I gotta get our McCree back up can you push up a bit and cover me”
“ can you drop DM on the dead Moira for a sec?”

Or… yeah, corner peek or float off an edge while you rez. Tbh I dont even know why youd waste a 30 second cooldown on a fight that’s already over.

mercy damage boosts and her staff requires no aim, passes through barriers, has no ammo and is consistent :blush:

she can also resurrect, has insane mobility and can regen health extremely fast.

just because she doesn’t deal damage normally doesn’t mean she must be the best support hero with insane heals.


Mercy current ultimate is a 30 seconds ability that screams “eliminate me i’m a statue for almost 2 seconds”. If you can master Mercy super jump you kinda can imitate Valkyrie without screaming to the other team to kill you.

oh yes, being in the sky box alternating between two buttons is insanely engaging gameplay. i am sweating just thinking about it.

cant wait for blizzard to ‘bug fix’ this too.


Oddly specific.

Oddly specific.

Oddly specific…

Because it’s the only guaranteed way to pull of a Resurrect successfully. The situations you cherry picked are quite hard to pull off, especially when you can’t communicate with comms.