Mercy actually has a really trash ult tbh

Clearly you are the one having troubles understanding what it meant. :joy: For most normal people, it is pretty self explanatory.

Sound Barrier is too godly now, I can save my team from D’va’s and Junkrat’s ults now, to the point of being cheap, while Valkyrie… well, I can fly so Junk’s tire can’t reach me.

And is he even popular? I barely see him in my games.

He has his moments.

His ult can get a lot of kills quickly if you catch people away from their tank’s barrier.

Hey everyone I have a Ult that Splits my Beam in to Multiple Beams and I can fly and be a Glowing Target like an Angel on a Xmas Tree. Yelling to the enemy HEY SHOOT ME MY HEALING CANT DO MUCH SO ILL JUST WAIST MY ULT AND FEED :innocent:

I love using his ult on ulting Genjis - it may not lead to a number of kills in the kill feed, but your team will adore you, especially if Transcendence wasn’t up.

Good mercys already juggle heals well enough that it’s just a 15sec break where you can shut down your brain and stop thinking about who to prioritize. Use it when you need to take a sip of water. It’s terrible :slight_smile:

How is Lucio’s ult countering Dva bomb and junkrat tires bad?
Zen’s ult gets destroyed by those so now Lucio’s ult is better against teams with those heroes. His ult was not as good as zen’s because he needs to time his.

So… you died with your ult, and were rewarded for it?

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Yes her current situation is bad thats why some awesome people made this.


I felt that I shouldn’t waste anymore time on someone who responds to an argument with an emoji is all. I know what the emoji means, it’s just lazy in my opinion. You’re staunch in your way of thinking and are clearly set in that way of thinking, I honestly don’t see the point in wasting my time further going back in forth in a ‘emoji’ battle!

But thank you for the discussion prior, you don’t need stoop to name calling, we are all normal, lovely human beings <3

I didn’t die with the ultimate, I was a few percentage away, got it while I was in the graveyard and was able to pop it on the way back <3 was pretty epic!

Maybe if you read your own words instead of accusing me of putting words in your mouth I wouldn’t need to respond with an emoji.

You’re either over-reacting or you replied to the wrong person. “Emoji Battle”… :confused:

Name calling? Yep, you definitely replied to the wrong person. Thank you for wasting my time. :hugs:

Neato, have a nice day my friend!

Idk the ideas you brought up sounded pretty fun…

Then don’t use it if you prefer to die to ulting genji than using this “trash” ult.

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Not your friend. Have a nice day. :heart:

Hey that’s the e ability I suggested a while back haha
Anyways titanium’s build sounds amazing…
If we need to keep valk, then the 90 hps and 40% dmg boost, but shorter ranges, with original valk speed back sounds fun.
Also with new visuals too…

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You can’t solo heal with valk neither, 50 hp/s don’t allow you to outheal anything in the game. Also, before the revert, you could solo heal because that was the best Mercy’s input, her consistent healing. That’s why she was a main support. Now she isn’t.

And yes, her winrate is slowly increasing because her pickrate is falling. That’s natural statistical balance, even if that doesn’t mean the character to be balanced. Anyway, today her winrate is falling in all ranks and her pickrate too in GM at very least.

No, Mercy can’t outheal Ana. She is weaker than her, exactly as she was before. The only reason of why she can eventually do so is because Mercy takes no skill when using valk, while Ana takes skill all the time. If the Ana player is bad, Mercy will outheal her because valk takes no skill at all, even an ape could master it.

It’s not just an opinion. I’ve show you how valk works and how it’s designed. If you want a deeper analysis, watch Titanium’s post. That explains everything about how flawed this design is. However, I must warn you, get ready for a great reading.

About your final statement, I’m sorry, but I find it laughable because I agree. Valkirie existed before game’s release. Stationary rez existed before game’s release. 50 hp/s trash healing existed until season 3/4. Why in heaven Mercy needed to go back to all those designs that NEVER worked in the past? Exacty, as you said, it’s a waste of time and she should have seen more progress forward, not a huge revert to all her mistakes from the past. Blizz has wasted more than an entire year trying to make a huge load of garbage from the past to work. Nowadays, any change she could have, even if it was a total revert to mass rez and no E ability (don’t think that will happen) would be a step forwards. So, having her real ult with the changes it needed, a new and real E ability (the one she really needed, not rez) and maybe something else, would be a huge step forwards. Yes, I’m thinking about the future, and how it should be. You should think about who is in the past, since this “rework” is the biggest and stupidest revert in all Ow’s history. :man_shrugging:

Let’s break this down.

Mercy has an original design with valk. It was so incredibly awful that Blizz recognized it, entirely removed and replaced it by mass rez, which was a better and healthier ult in all features. However, with mass rez she had no E ability, no mid game utility. Was she a problem? Not that much. Firstly she received some tweaks and a rework because her rez’s range was too long and because stationary rez had no placement in her kit because it made hiding mandatory unless she wanted to die.

After that, nothing happened until Ana’s release. New main support. A lot of mid game utility. Nice healings but aimed. However, with 50 hp/s healing, Mercy was being outperformed both as a burst and consistent support (as it’s happening now). Then, they buffed her healing and gave her the i-frames. Blizz, instead of giving her the E ability she was desperately needing, buffed her ult, probably unnecessarily, concentrating so much power in it that somepeople started to complain. Was her a problem? Not really, she was somewhat paired with the other supports. What the difference was? She wasn’t balance trough all ranks. At pro ranks she wasn’t picked because any other support was better out of his ult.

Was mass rez trash? NO. Was is unbalanceable? NO. It seems you don’t read. I told you that mass rez was not the reason. Mercy’s only real problem was her lack of an E ability. THAT was the only thing that forced her ultimate to be so powerful and THAT was the only thing that Blizz should have worked on. After that, they should have removed unnecessary things from mass rez like the i-frames (I had no problems without them tbh).

Mercy was REVERTED (not reworked, please, valk, stationary rez and 50 hp/s belong to the past) because people started giving meme reasons like the hide and rez thing, which was simply an stupid SR exploit, like even some of that meme’s creators admitted.

This is funny because that’s exactly what valk is. It’s unfun for everyone, it’s boring af. It’s never going to be balanced. It’s exploitable and the only way to make it work properly is by exploiting it. It’s very easy indeed. You must only fly above the point out of LoS or range. You will contest it with no available counter for 15 seconds. Funny, huh? More than Molten Core indeed.

This works for valk too. It wasn’t coming back. It never needed to come back. It’s incredibly unhealthy for the game having it back. I have not a single doubt that having mass rez in any form would be infinitely healthier for the game, because that was what happened in the past, and the truth is that the game has become horribly unhealthy since Mercy’s revert.

She doesn’t need any buff. Buffing this hideous garbage will only make her OP and mess with other supports like Lucio. Buffing valk will turn her into the most brainless thing in all the game, like a zero star hero, since valk takes absolutely no skill at all.

Valk brings nothing. Everything it brings you can replicate it just learning the hero. No one really needs to use valk unless they are unskilled or simply want to have one hand free because they want a drink for example. It’s an afk mode, an ez mode pro simulator. It’s horrible as an ult, E rez is the real Mercy’s ult.

Also, mass rez was so anomalous only because one thing. No E ability, no mid game utility. Now, please, try to imagine how Blizz could have balanced that if she had an E ability, exactly like a huge amount of people are wanting now. We could agree that having old mass rez + new E ability would be overpowered, so what would you nerf of it? Please, don’t start with the “it won’t come back” meme bs, we all know that everything in this game can come back, and current Mercy is the living proof of that. The only revert she lacks at this point is becoming a black man again.

According to absolutely everything and everybody but 2-3 people, quite the opposite. No news about this. She was “fine” after each nerf anyway, so after a few weeks she needed another one. I guess that that’s being “fine” for somepeople, just a temporal state that you can conveniently change.

Wow, slow down! Soldier being like valk? I’ve saw plenty of Soldiers making huge kills with tactical visor or killing people with a perfect missile shot. I’ll show you how would a dps be in order to be like valk. Also, he is a great counter for Pharah, while Mercy counters nothing.

Take Soldier for example. Remove tactical visor and his missiles. Now as his ult, he has… don’t know extended range and works in an aoe in front of him. However, he can’t lower his targets below 10% for some reason, because… don’t know, Blizz decided that it was too much and nerfed that. Nerf his damage per bullet from 19 to 10 because of the same reason. You passively sprint during that ult however and have your health pack affecting you all the time. Your new E ability is now called… Soldier’s death. You are almost blocked for two seconds and you can’t do anything, and you must remain at a very small range from your target. If you manage to do that, your target automatically dies. Otherwise, you loose it and it goes on 30 seconds cooldown.

Sounds funny? Guess not. Well, that’s Mercy nowadays. The only difference is that fortunately your target when using E won’t move, but it forces you to hide for that rez.

It’s basically like Lucio’s amp it up (50 vs 47 hp/s healing) but extended and forcing you to disengage if you want to make it work at its full power.


I understand your point, but I still disagree with it. Unfortunately I have just come home from a long day dealing with medical issues and don’t have the patience to have a decent conversation. My hope is that whatever happens with her future, we can all find a happy middle ground.

I love Mercy, I love Overwatch. If Valk stays, great, if not, i’ll adapt.

I hope you have a good rest of your day/week. :v: