Mercy 3.0: A build without Rez (or Valk)

If you don’t want to bring back Mass Rez, and Mercy mains dislike E ability Rez, why not a complete rework without Rez at all? Something strong enough to make her viable, but not powerful enough to make her OP.

A build something like this:

Healing = 60hp/s
Damage Boost = 30% damage increase

Ability 1 = Guardian Angel, as on live

Ability 2 = NEW ABILITY - Pacify
Full credit to Titanium and co. on the build of this ability

NEW ULTIMATE - Salvation:
Original idea

  • 6 Second duration
  • Gains free flight, as with current Valkyrie
  • Movement speed 9m/s
  • Cleanses all teammates of any malignant effects within 10m (list at bottom)
  • Knocks 1 second off the cooldowns of all teammates within 10m (one time deal, exiting then reentering the AoE doesn’t knock a 2nd second off)

Affected effects:

  • Freeze (Mei)
  • Hack (Sombra)
  • Venom Mine (Widowmaker)
  • Anti-Heal (Ana)
  • Orb of Discord (Zenyatta)

The Ultimate lacks any power. It’s only able to deny certain ults. I would suggest a 25 hps regen applied to the heroes within range along with not allowing any heroes within the range to fall below 5 hp.

She would be able to deny a slew of ults but the trade off is that they are vulnerable afterwards.

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This seems fair. I added the cooldown reduction to try and make it a less situational ult idea but if the common opinion on it is it isn’t powerful enough a health regen addition would work just fine.

Personally, I would hate this rework, mostly for the removal of Rez. It’s like replacing Reinhardt’s hammer.


I like this. Everyone would benefit from this rework. It would feel fair for the team and enemies, but it would feel fun and engaging for her.

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That’s exactly what I was aiming for. Of course, if there’s a way to make that happen without such a drastic change that is preferable, but this is just an option for if that isn’t possible.

I feel like removing rez is removing Mercy, so that’ll be a no for me, but still an original idea for the ultimate.