Meka Members seen

Commenting to find this latter.

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Bookmarking might be easier to find since you post a lot (like me :wink:).

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Do you mean the bookmarking feature on the forums? I don’t know how to use it.

Yah. look below the last post and you’ll see like 5 boxes. The left most one should say Bookmark. Then if you go to your “view activity” page, there is a bookmark section on the left to see all of your bookmarks.

Whoa! I’ve just realised something. Who is in charge of MEKA unit? So Talon and Overwatch all have heads and boards but we don’t know who’s running MEKA. Just when we get answers, it makes more questions! All I know is that Hana’s father used to play games… could he? Hmmm… :thinking:

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They’re part of the Korean army, but their direct commanding officer is Captain Myung (she doesn’t go out on missions, she manages them from the base).

Myung is the voice you hear over the intercom on the MEKA Base point of the Busan map.


Is D.Va’s Friend named Dae-Hyun? The Captions on the UK video short spells it Deu-Hyun, but when i google the name it wants to give me Dae-Hyun… Just looking for accuracy, since you can’t always rely on caption correctness :smile:

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Can you make D.mon a nemesis to Her nickname is literally a Demon, her meka is called Beast. She should become a “power ranger betrayer”. Maybe she secretly hates Maybe envies her?
You can make her an evil version of and maybe even make her to join Talon. This will connect story to core Overwatch lore.


If you have it, what was the name of the team D.Va and D.Mon played for?

What’s their relationship like? A lot of people think they’re rivals, since their MEKAs are both tanky.

Furthermore, is D.Va and her team the first wave of pilots, or were there prior MEKA pilots?

Aside from the little kid whose name is Overlord, they really don’t matter when they’re heavily overshadowed by Dva.

But it sure would be cool if Overwatch lives long enough to release all members so players can do matching teams of certain organizations.



20 characters


Seems dva gets her mecha destroyed quite often in battle, are their robots something that disposable and easy/cheap to repair?

Also is there a chance we might see another mecha from her squad ingame? They are super cool!

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Even a dev has fallen victim to 20 characters


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I can.

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They can be skins for D.VA.