Meis yeti hunt is broken [Video proof]


look at his meat counter how it goes up out of nowhere,

please fix

Yeti Hunt Ultutimate ability after two pieces of meat

well, I thought I have the solution, it didn’t work later tho
all i know that every time it worked for me it had to be leaping around his shield thing

(Chris Avina) #4

Thanks for the report. This will be added to our known issues list and researched further internally.

Delete plz, issue been solved
Mei yeti hunt is broken [VIDEO PROOF]
Mei yeti hunt is broken [VIDEO PROOF]

thank you


I got it to work once without the shield, It’s quite hard and it ranges from 2% gain up to 80% for a leap
blizz replied to 2 comments and I don’t know where to post evidence…


Here’s my video of this bug