Mei's block should be destructible



Then Jax proceeds to provide no better alternative.


Does not make what they said any less true.

“Peanut Butter is not a good dish cleaning fluid!”

“Can you think of a better one?”


“Then I guess it is!”



And yet I would still argue pickrate is the strongest indicator we have.

And anything stronger than that is not available to the public.


She is completly stationary though and predicteable, its easy to setup arround her and then murder her as she comes out


Despite it having huge outlier’s due to popularity created by a wide variety of reasons such as “the rule of cool”, playstyle preferences, wildly different levels of engaging kits, the pickrate of other hero’s they synergize with, and etc?

Really makes no sense.

I think balance is determined more by fairness rather then popularity. Is the overall kit of a hero roughly as good as others but for different reasons?

popularity is really not an indicator of that.


Yup, since those are also reasons to pick a character. And the “balance” is to give equal reasons to pick a character, over one for a similar role/purpose.

Since the goal of a “game” is to have choices that are both unique and worthwhile.


The issue with this stance is that you would need to make most the characters fairly homogeneous in order to have the widest amount of aesthetic and gameplay appeal.

Which is not the overall goal or intended design of the game. The intended design of the game is not to make equally popular hero’s. Its intended design is to create unique collection of hero’s with different purposes, playstyles, appearance, personality, and etc.

For instance, many people feel like Pharah has all the personality of a doorstop. I disagree and enjoy her personality. Should her personality be re-written to appeal to a wider audience?


You must have missed the huge post which was summarized with “multiple perspectives and careful risk analysis beats pickrate any day”.


None of which is measurable with publicly available data.

Unless you magically had that at hand?

And even if you did, what metric would support “Mei is too effective and should be weaker”?


I honestly feel like her primary is better at freezing than her ultimate. Mei can chase you, her ult can’t.
I’ve thought about this several times
-primary no longer freezes
but to compensate
-ult is either larger or freezes faster
-secondary fire has a slightly faster fire rate

her being able to just go after enemies and just hold down M1 to make them unable to move for so long is just incredibly annoying. But if all she did with primary was the slow, her teammates could still help her finish off the slowed enemies. and an increase fire rate for secondary fire would make her a little better at mid to long range so she won’t HAVE to run after you all the time. And the ult being larger or freezing faster would make it a little easier to freeze the bazillion enemies with high mobility.


Yet it is enough for the FDA and every single international quality standards organization on the planet to create software for devices upon which lives depend, as well as military snd industrial standards.

But you have overbuff and popularity which cannot even pass the correllation/causation snifftest.


So what’s the counter to wraith and fade?


Mei is fine and does not need changes. Oh and she is one of 5 heroes I have 100+ hours on, and she is nowhere near as easy as she might first appear.


That’s the point.


Which is a lot of fancy words.

But end of the day, you’re still asking for a hero to get nerfed that’s unarguably lower tier.


Problem is that Immortality Field still allows the people to move around and shoot you, Mei’s literally sets her up to be deleted once she runs out of it. The two abilities are not comparable at all.


Sorry, these forums dont transmit crayon very well.

At the end of the day, I suppose that is a way of describing not recognizing fashion as balance.


Evidence you don’t have would totally prove you right, huh?


You already said you dont understand ISO software development standards, and risk management, so I dont know whst more to tell you other than keep on truckin believing that you can balance hero power based on pickrates, which are based on far more than individual hero power.