Mei - The Silver Surfer

Hey guys, I’ve had an idea that I would like to share with you and get some feedback. I remember when I first start playing Overwatch, over an year ago, I mained Mei, and for some reason, when walking from the spawn to defense site, I used to use my primary fire on the ground, thinking it would make sense if Mei moved faster since she was freezing the ground beneath her feet. Today I remembered this and I wanted to share this with you :slight_smile:
Wouldn’t make her more viable, I think, it’s just a cool idea that I thought would make sense :slight_smile:

What do you think?


I see this suggested at least once a week

I like the idea, but idk if it really fits at all in her kit or gameplay


Something I’ve wondered why it wasn’t in the game since launch.


Really? :o And here I thought this was an original idea, ahah. I’ve never seen it anywhere, I just had this vibe from playing her.

Yeah, I don’t think it will help her with her kit and abilities. I just think it makes sense and it would indeed help her get back to the points a lot quicker and maybe even escape some heroes (as if she is not already annoying enough, ahah)

Where is my soopa suit?



Isn’t that basically one of her highlight intros though?

I wager they wouldn’t be too interested in it since she could close in on someone too fast and freeze them, which would make her very frustrating to play against.


Oh yeah, it is, ahah. Didn’t even remember that and that is the highlight intro I use xD Well, she can’t point to 2 places at the same time. She is either freezing the ground to move faster or freezing the opponent. So she would use the freezing on the ground just to close the distance, but after that she would be like she is right now

Well, this is something that’s actually been on the suggestion table from users since…Probably shortly after launch. I guess the idea isn’t completely bad, but, you gotta think: Do you really wanna stare at the ground during your walk from spawn? Or from this place to that?

In the words of a streamer I love to watch: “I mean…I like watching Goldeneye speedruns as much as the next guy, but…No.”

I put it away! and why do you want to know?!

I proposed that time ago. Useless saying that my thread was buried.
I like the idea, she surf in one of her highlight so…


Wouldn’t that be more like Iceman than Silver Surfer? Surfer doesn’t have ice powers…


Well, if it makes me move faster, why not? xD You gotta know when to stop looking at the ground though

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Eh, as kinda neat as the idea is, I don’t really see it as something practical. I don’t really think that it’d change too awful much if they actually did. It’d be giving a niche hero more strange, niche quirks instead of actually buffing her.

Dudeee, I messed up. I wanted to say “Frozone” from the incredibles, ahah. I’m a failure!

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This is actually something we talked about when she was first being designed! The main issue with it for us was that it meant that you were basically always staring at the ground as you moved around. We then thought about it as an ability where snowball would fly out in front of you and lay a path that you could slide on, but ultimately decided to try to avoiding giving her extra mobility.

From a game design standpoint, shes a hero that is more about slowing enemies and stopping them, rather than herself being fast. In general, we often find ourselves trying to resist putting tons of mobility on every hero, to make sure we keep every hero feeling unique.


I can understand that, as there is a feeling of frustration when you’re playing someone like Roadhog with zero mobility, you’re always like “damn I wish I could be moving faster”


I see, that makes sense.

On another note, is reloading during Cryo something you’ve tried?


Well, sliding on snow is unique. No others heroes could do that. :slight_smile:


Thank you a lot for the feedback and it indeed sounds reasonable :slight_smile: Sending snowball would be a really cool ability but it would make her really strong (even though it would work really well with her kit). Constantly staring at the ground would be a problem if you used it in the middle of the fight, but I think it would give place to a lot of cool mechanics.

But I understand your decision, Mei is already annoying and giving her extra mobility would only contribute to her being even more annoying, and would be counter productive :slight_smile:


Slow other people down rather than speed herself up, eh? than what if she could ice the ground and make enemy players slip?