Mei Slips off Her Own Wall

I thought I was going crazy and screwing my walls up, but it’s for sure a new bug with the latest patch. From what I can tell, you’ll slip off at certain angles you wall your feet, but walls that are pointed STRAIGHT DOWN at your feet wont fail If someone else wants to look into this and find what works and what doesn’t I’d appreciate it. There’s obvious downsides to looking straight down in the middle of a fight and it sucks to waste a 13 second cooldown because of a bug


clips.twitch. tv/GiftedSmoggyGazelleSeemsGood
here’s a clip of it happening

now it is ballanced! work as intended! mei is a clumsy !

Yep its bugged and it happens to me too often. Mei has been an absolutely buggy mess.

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Mei is unable to climb on her wall due to the edge of the wall being “shaky”. My game code is W18BCT. Around 7:30 I was unable to contest the point due to this bug. You can see as I slide off the wall. This happens again at around 13:26 where I fail to get the genji above me due to the bug again sliding off. Then at around 13:42 I try to take high ground top left of choke and I again end up sliding off. Then at 13:57 you can clearly see the part of the wall that’s “shaky”. No, this is was not my fault I was not walking off the wall all those times walling below me is almost second nature and I never fall off. I urge you to look into this bug, mei is currently unplayable because of it. It was a close game and I think I could have made it even closer if it weren’t for my lack of high ground coverage. There’s yet another example of this bug around 14:37 where I fail to contest the point yet again.

Bumping for attention. This is a major bug for Mei that needs to be addressed asap. This is completely game changing when it comes to certain plays or moving around the map and cannot be worked around.


Thank god I’m not just crazy, this has been driving me nuts the last week or so

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Lifting teammates is an impossibility as well, they all get pushed aside

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Bob too! :roll_eyes:

It’s only like the 4th time this bug has reoccured in the game. Can’t wait for it to take months to be fixed and replaced by new bugs! :smiley:

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It’s super fun when this bug occurs at a clutch time on Hanamura.