Mei’s icicle fall-off removal


they will.
she has skills to hard CC, create walls to block, can self heal/cheese enemy skills/ults, and now back to reliab le damage…that was reason she got nerf in first place :frowning:


When i said “generous hitbox” i meant “hitbox similiar to that of Hanzo’s arrows, that are larger than what the visual actually shows”.

Also, I was crying? I thought i was merely stating some facts.


Get used to it. People can’t help but complain about the game. I do it out of frustration, but I’m never truthfully against heroes being actually good. It’s why I despise how people resort to just complaining instead of adapting and getting better, with the majority of cases just being backed by a mediocre hero, and the off time where it’s actually valid due to how powerful the hero is. (Think reworked hanzo.)

I’d rather heroes be good and viable so that I can actually learn the game, instead of having to play against nerfed versions that are less teaching than the buffed versions. Overtuned heroes though, you’re just fighting an uphill battle instead of an even one. I want that playing field to be even, but the nerfs will almost always ruin it.


1.3 sec for a headshot 150. So that isnt really much dps when seen in numbers.
She will be a cheesy Version of Hanzo. And doesnt have storm arrow


It has a charge up time and a much lower rate of fire, its fine.


Didn’t they use to nerf her icicle because it allowed her to snipe Widowmakers with it? so what is their reasoning now to revert it back to its original form?


Pretty sure Mei’s icicles are faster than Hanzo’s arrows even after the rework…
“Projectile speed increased from 85 to 100”


Because Mei wasn’t in a good spot, and i assume Blizz (and the community) thought the problem was her lack of long-range damage output. So, they reverted the icicle fall-off change, to give her a chance to win in medium-long range combat.

However, i’m afraid this might also result in Mei becoming a pseudo-sniper.


Same here. But I guess we’ll have to see.


Just like mccree has also just become a pseudo sniper. It’s fine.


Hmm, Strange. The overwatch (fandom) wiki still states Hanzo’s arrow speed is ‘‘130 m/s’’, whereas Mei’s icicle speed is ‘‘120 m/s’’. Although the wiki may be wrong, i think it’s our only and best source for information regarding projectile speed and other weapon and ability properties, atleast for now.


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” -some dude


Idk about other Mei players, but if I headshot you with an icecicle, I meant to.

It’s a skill shot that will now be more rewarding. Only time will tell if it’s too much.


The forums are like a kid. They focus on the shiny new thing to complain about. This buff won’t make her the shiny new thing so the forums won’t speak a word of her. She could literally be low key OP and barely anyone will complain and those that will will just have retorts with “she is not even meta lul”.

No reason to worry for her honestly.


It won’t have the same effect because mei still can’t oneshot you from a mile away. Also her projectile isn’t as fast as hanzos for example.


It really is a bad idea. Nobody is hitting skill shots with those things at long range. It’s just mindless spam. Spam should be discouraged.


I’m going to have to disagree. I’ve been able to and I’ve seen a couple other Mei’s shoot long range shots where you can clearly tell they are aiming.


I mean, occasionally, sure. But 90%+ of hits are gonna be spam.


* at 1.2 shots per second

I’m not sure if that’s actually true… the wiki is wrong sometimes, and I think this is one of them. That same wiki also says that Bastion’s maximum Recon spread is 1.25°, but it’s actually 1.5°. I use that as an example just because I know that one is wrong… I’m sure there are other examples too

The heck are you getting this information?

Okay, I think you’re referring to the charge up. Yeah, that takes about 0.4-ish seconds, but there’s also a slight delay between shots where she lowers her gun after the recoil. It’s not like you’re shooting an icicle every 0.4 seconds…


I’ve checked, and both the ‘fandom’ wiki aswell as the ‘gamepedia’ wiki claim her icicle’s projectile speed is 120 m/s, so i’m going to assume they might be right on this one.

Also, i did not take into account the delay between shots (in addition to the charge-up time), which was ignorant of me. Sorry.