Mei literally can't headshot frozen targets - How is this not a concern?

This forum post explaines the bug perfectly.

Im also including another thread found here, listing similar bug reports describing the same issue.

Aimed shots at frozen targets head don’t register as headshots due to hitboxes changing location when frozen. This has been in the game since atleast June.

I discourage any Mei player to freeze targets if you find yourself in a 1v1. With her current ammo, thats a clear path towards suicide. Time to up your aimgame folks.

Anyways, stay safe <3

Ps. Yes I know you hate Mei and she is the devil, but this is just messed up.


I miss being able to play my main and have fun :disappointed: not only that she has many bugs with the icicle hitboxes (which are hard to hit on constant moving targets) but she has bugs with the wall too sometimes. Let’s not forget the fact you are forced into playing reload simulator with her now :pensive:
Spent 500+ hours to have my main destroyed and I just wish (at least some of) her nerfs were reverted.


Put it on Reddit/Bug forums. They somewhat pay attention to those two.


Maybe it’s a repeat of the turtle bug.


Never forget, this is what OWL wants. They want Mei weak and useless and the devs sided with them over the rest of the community.


To be fair, Brig and Mei should either be a lot less effective at Anti-Dive Peel, or they should be OffTanks.


I’m actually a huge proponent of “Let’s make Mei a tank”. I think if they remove her ability to deal headshot damage, buff her wall’s HP and put it on a higher CD, and give her more HP, she’d be an awesome tank. She makes more sense there than DPS in my opinion.

On the issue at hand, what bothers me is that Blizzard hasn’t come out and said, “yes, we’re working on it.” If Ashe couldn’t headshot, it would’ve been hotfixed after an hour. This one has been well-documented for months.


300 hours in im still a loyalist, but picked up Reaper to have some options beyond Sym. Hell I play almost everything but Mercy on some level, but Mei… Mei is special. And fwiw, I am not a freeze-and-headshot player, I am a Mei sniper.

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Blizzard quality control has gone down a lot since the beginning of his cursed year, but I cannot fault them due to covid. But it does mean there’s quite a lot of unresolved, gamechanging bugs around.

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Yeah, because the community loves crowd control right? :upside_down_face:


Or they could just leave the damage in, because this game isn’t an RPG.


They hate Genji more.

And they screwed one of his better counters.

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actually most of the community doesnt hate genji, just the less than .001% of players on the forums :slight_smile:


She can headshot it’s just not extra effective as the ice protects them.

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Yeah, keep telling yourself that along with “deflect takes such skill”.


to hit deflects you have to transition your aim to mirror the projectile speed you’re deflecting or transition from projectile aim to hitscan aim, yes thats very difficult to do, but keep telling yourself otherwise :slight_smile:

sure you can just press E and hope for the best, but thats getting much less value and not what people do in higher elos on the hero

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That’s actually a decent idea. I think I’ll use that.

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This turtle bug is amazing. <3

They should remove mutifreeze, which was a goats buff, and then revert a lot of her nerfs they introduced only cause they were too stubborn to revert mei’s ability to freeze her victim AND the person who peels for them at the same time.


Wow I was joking but you seriously tried to defend deflect as requiring any skill.

Like… genji needs to lead his shots when w+M2’ing into his target spamming shurikens.

There are no such projectiles that are so slow, genji can keep aiming the exact same way due to how close he is using his right clicks and how reliably he gets close with swift strike.

No hope is required.

No they can get away with the same.