Mei is kinda getting nerfed

As is every hero that inflicts a Slow effect.
Since Slows won’t stack next patch.

For instance, Reinhardt isn’t going to be nearly immobile anymore after getting one tick of slow. Then putting his barrier up for a self-slow.

And currently OWL isn’t playing with these changes to Slow effects.

Most notably, Halt + Frost won’t do a double slow, next patch.


happiness noise : )


It should because those are enemy induced slows. Only friendly slows won’t stack with enemy ones.
But if anyone has already tested this in PTR it would be helpful for us to see.

Nope. Next patch it considers all Slows, selfslow+enemyslow and only applies the one Slow that is the biggest.


… Those rumors were in the patchnotes, chucklenut. Check things out before calling things rumors.


If that’s the case then Symmetra turret slows shouldn’t stack anymore but they do.
All enemy slows are added together and if they are greater than the self slow then it gets applied.

Here you go, big boy, and take that foot out of your mouth, you’re being silly.


This is incorrect. It’s in the patch notes.


That I don’t know. Does it combine all enemy slows them compare.

Or do slows stack on an enemy hero, but not together between multiple enemy heroes.

No idea.

From the official info we’ve been given, only friendly+enemy stacking is no longer possible.

The quotes above and:

If we want to find out for ourselves if two different enemy slow sources stack (Eg. Halt+ Mei. Sym turret+ Mei) someone could test Mei+Sym turret on custom games and see if their slows combined are stronger than individually.


This is still an improvement for characters that self slow. Rein with a shield will slow less than he currently does when a Sym turret locks on or he’s on the very edge of a Blizzard or something. It may make it so he can run away in a few instances that he cannot now.

It’s not a huge change, but it’s a good one I think.

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It is, just mostly pointing it out because the forum is out for blood for Mei to get some kind of nerf.

Meanwhile there’s a nerf coming right up in the next patch.


Mei’s M1 should be shooting the ice, M2 shooting multiple ice like torbs…give iceblock a healthpool so it can be broken and remove her CC immunity during iceblock(Even Zen ult doesn’t make him immune to CC), make ice wall share health pool instead of having several separate 300HP pools. Blizzard is fine as it is. And there you go! Mei will now be able to dish out better damage, can still be a thorn in the side of every tank with wall/right click and doesn’t get the hate of being a no-skilled GOATs replacement. GG

What won’t stack is “ally” caused slow (Orisa/D.Va Shooting, Rein/Brigitte holding their shields…) with enemy caused slow (Sym’s turrets, Mei’s freeze…)

That means Sym is going to succ even more, oof

Sym turrets are one source, split across three beams. So I would hope that it still allows them to stack.

it does. only stacking not allowed is enemy slow + self slow. so slowing down while firing will not stack on top of the mei that’s slowing her with freeze until the freeze slow gains a value bigger than the 25% self slow her guns have, at which point it’ll just switch to the freeze slow value and not add the self slow to it.

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I wont lie the word chucklenut gave me a very good laugh lol I needed that