[Mei-gathread] Does Mei feels balanced and underpowered at the same time?

I just made a topic on this, but:

This way the wall has a distinct team advantage - enemies who try to use it for cover and poke around it will be way more punishable.

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You think they will give another Mei buff when the next hero is in the PTR? I think that they should try more Changes, like a reload on cyro or a buff to the Ult/Freeze that can limit the movements abilities

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(bad english, sorry)
The “buffs” do absolutely nothing for a good Mei. The most it does is decrease the skill rating. For players who are careful with amunition and reload while out of team fights and are good hiting the headshots up close, the buff does nothing at all.

I have almost 200 hours with her and now im just tired. Tired of being considered a troll pick and tired of all the bugs all the time. She is my favorite character, but im better off playing something else to maintain my sanity.

I just REALLY wanted the wall hack on her ice wall, so people would stop crying everytime i put up a wall to save their asses.


Well, version 29 online. BTW only time will tell if these 2 buffs are really useful or not, the blizzard still needs a bit of tuning within the cryofreeze. Do you think doubling Mei’s healing speed and reducing cryofreeze duration like the Yeti Hunt would be useful?


Had my post ignored twice so I will just repost here

Just sort of a basically mei rework but it is more focused on her ult and primary fire.

So basically instead of someone being frozen in place for 1 second and before frozen slowed by 1.5

We take her primary fire and make it Root someone to the ground for 1-2 (though 1 second is fine) seconds and reduce movement speed and distance for 1 second before the rooting is done.
The biggest complaint about Meis primary fire is that you have no ability to defend yourself no way to shoot back at her once frozen.
And it takes (I don’t believe the site I look at for this has ever stated it) roughly 1.5 seconds to freeze someone I think
So instead of a frozen in place and complete stun and root effect(stun is where someone is completely immobile while root makes them stay in place. Very mmo terms here)

We trade the complete freeze for a root where if mei is still at a danger for damage when the full root has taken effect. But we get the ability to trap more people when chasing by reducing distance as the root effect takes over. Such as 25% freeze = 25% less distance made when blink is used. Making the trade off equal here (I believe) as this is why mei is known as the ice devil or whatever.
Note once you are completely rooted you wouldn’t be able to move with any abilities. But would get the chance to kill mei in the process. And the effect is only for 1 second
She does max 75 body shot I don’t know the multiplier for crits
So now how does this effect her ult. I think we could either take her ult and apply the same idea for the secondary effect only. As in distance abilities are reduced over time. But her ult completely stuns and roots you.

Now would that make her ult possibly op. Yes that is why I suggest that we reduce the cast time of throw but as long as sombra is not frozen and in range her emp negates it. Snowball is a robot so I think that is fair play.

This is only a working thought another idea I also thought might be worth while is the effect can hit multiple people and possibly root more then one person
In actuality I really only want her ult adjusted but I thought I would share this and see if anyone liked it or had adjustments to the idea

i made a proof of concept for both sniper-vision and spawn marker being visible to allies:


The buffs favour the complete opposite to what you described. The ammo buffs favour Mei players who use the right click significantly more than the left click (in close combat and stuff). The freeze buffs also favour both the Mei’s who fully freeze as it is easier to freeze Genji/Tracer for people who do that, but it also favours the skilled Mei players who can partially freeze someone for 9 ticks, headshot and melee for an easy 200 damage kill which now only takes up 29 ammo.


Many people thought of this before the buffs went on to the PTR. The problem a lot of people have with this is that it’s a blatent nerf to Mei’s freeze. Good Mei players will only use the freeze when it is to CC a key target such as a Reinhardt or a Winston diving your supports whilst on full hp/being healed. By allowing them to attack back that Winston could still kill your supports and Rein could hold his shield up to prevent your team from firing past his shield or killing him.


It would still have close to the same effect just primary fire would be able to still be used. And maybe wraith. The root effect is a lot different

Qol changes I want =

Always 5 pillars. If Mei aims at a wall, her icewall will “slide back” and appear as a full wall instead of being split.

Allow friendlies to see whats going on through her ice wall.

Give a better visual indicator to which wall you have selected. Somewhere in the HUD it should show which direction the wall is going to be set.

Allow more healing types to heal Mei while in cryofreeze.

Take a look at min/max dmg ranges and perhaps increase them slightly. This might help to compensate for the slower ult charge rate from self-heals caused by more healer effects during cryofreeze.

I’d love reload via cryofreeze, but guessing the 2 extra ammo is what they decided to do instead.


I thought they were testing it on the yeti hunt. Too bad its a wasted change

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Yes, it was a pretty nice change but has a drawback, we can’t stall anymore and this exposes us in the fight but by other side we will die faster in a lost fight and we will not become an ult battery. Also this change allows us to become more active in a fight

She needs to be more active in the fight honestly. No one likes stalling and its sad to see that will be the only time someome in owl will touch her

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I have a question: how Mei sinergyzes with Brigitte? How well she works with her?

Ok… coupla things with Mei that are really annoying me lately.

First, as always, make her ult disable move abilities and speed up its cast / activation.

Second, for the love of god sort out the whole Moira ball icewall interaction. Sometimes your own moira ball gets stuck trying to kill your wall. sometimes the enemy Moira ball goes straight through it.

And finally, the new changes are an improvement but not enough. a slight icicle speed increase (fire rate) would be a nice addition.

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shes always been a good choice in comp on console…

Are you sure? People usually throwing if i pick her because they think i’m trolling…
I Will try pick her in this season

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What if Mei’s freeze also slowed down the enemy’s rate-of-fire in addition to the 1.5 sec slow effect?

This would help her against high-refire rate heroes like Tracer that would otherwise just burst her down.

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Don’t know so much about how Mei synergies with Brigitte, but Brigitte definitely has an advantage in a 1v1 against Mei in a fight. Your two options are to play it safe and fight from range or try and get in close.

In a ranged 1v1 scenario it’d take at 8 max damage shots to take down her shield, and then you’d need to land both headshots with the remaining 2 ammo. But that’s only if you can keep her pinned down and you’ll still need to keep her within 26 meters in order to deal max damage.

In a close up 1v1 fight your best bet is to bait out her stun and then go for headshots when she drops her shield to swing at you, but even then her burst damage with her shift ability and her self healing makes any chances against her in a close quarters 1v1 slim.

Hopefully we can think of some better strategies then this in the future.

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I have to say I disagree with this a lot. Mei definitely has the advantage, it even is a big advantage. First of all Mei has all the tools to make sure Brigitte is impossible to get into range. Her shield can be broken by only 8 shots, while presenting no threat to Mei. She is also one of the most, if not the most easy to hit non-tank for Mei, and icicles are burst-y enough to ignore the effects of armor. Cryo can also block whip shot if Brigitte uses it at range, which is not a guarantee hit. Anything more than 10m range Mei will win 100% of the time

If Brigitte manages to get into 10m range, cryo can still completely restore the damage from her combo. If she starts whipping her flail she will be very vulnerable to a freeze, alternatively Mei can just out-damage her, the regen is only 16HPS. If Brigitte shields during the freeze, Mei have plenty of room to draw the distance, and can always out run her with the new 1.5s slow. In the meantime Mei can continue to burn her shield where she can do nothing about it. On top of that, if the situation presents, Mei can even use ice wall to lift herself and fight from a high ground.

So Mei will win almost every time at any distance more than 10m. When they are within 10m, it is more as a 50/50 but Mei still has all the tools to create enough advantages for herself