[Mei-gathread] Does Mei feels balanced and underpowered at the same time?


That is one thing I’ve wondered for a while. If they don’t want to make freeze slow down abilities, why not have it apply to other things like shield damage, effect that slows the rate on shield recharge, or something?


I like the idea of a frozen shield becoming more brittle and receiving a damage multiplier, maybe 30%?


They should make all frozen victims (shields AND heroes) receive more damage (20%?) - that would make her strong against tanks and wasn’t that what they intent to do with her?


I’m not complaining about the buffs Mei is getting, but come on!
I would assume they were going to fix the bugs that the thread pointed out; their focus is obviously elsewhere.


I’m gonna post this here again as my main thread gets swept under quickly, and I’ve had some interesting discussion over on reddit

Buffing Mei’s attack is going to make her more annoying to play against. I propose buffing her utility, making her more useful (and less annoying) to her team

  1. Holding left click on Ice Wall shows the blueprint to the team. She can use this to help coordinate better, without the game-breaking issues of having it being shown all the time
  2. Her icewall texture includes wall-hacks, blue silhouettes, the their vividness based on how far away both the viewer and target are from the wall. This makes playing around an enemy mei wall unsafe while the fade-off helps prevent snipers abusing the ability.
  3. Holding E allows icewalls to be placed on vertical surfaces as in short film. In this form they spawn as a 2x2 square.



New PTR update:

No ultimate changes and her Cryo-Freeze isn’t fixed yet, but nevertheless am I happy with these changes.

Her freeze ray goes through enemies and can freeze multiple enemies. Her Icicle shot doesn’t.



Wouldn’t this increase her ult charge because she can now freeze more enemies at once?


At least Moira orb problem is fixed. That’s also a significant one, still hoping for cryo fix though.

For the PTR changes I’m kind of uncertain(not in a negative way). It is really good against clumped up comps, and Mei can punish D.Va Hog comps(which is super popular in ranked) very well now.

Aside from that I think Mei is now actually better as off-tank(or even off-support) than DPS. Combined with the recent slow buff(though it is not really significant previously) she can potentially provide very good AoE debuffs and control. If you believe in Frost Mei-ge or brawling Mei then this is a good change. If you believe in anti-mobility or dueling Mei then this would slightly help defensively

To summarize, the big thing is that the devs finally give Mei a stronger identity, and the long freeze time and duration finally make sense.

btw, somebody might think I’m crazy, but this patch is kind of a less controversial one in some time.


Theoretically yes, and you can also deal more damage with the same ammo because the drain will be the same but hits multiple people.

Only issue is that due to dive still being a huge thing it doesn’t happen quite often that you will “easily” hit multiple enemies with your primary.


The buffs are meant to make Mei stronger against the tank meta.

I don’t think the developers want Mei to be an anti-mobility hero anymore, but rather a hero who can deal with tanks and protect chokepoints/checkpoints.

I’m fine with this change because I usually protect my teammates instead of chasing genjis and Tracers. Tanks and slow moving enemies were always my targets.


Brigette seems to be able to heal her team by hitting an enemy Mei in iceblock. Is this a bug? Had one hit my iceblock a couple of times and heal herself.

Edit: this actually includes Mei walls too.


Can’t wait to try them, let’s see how more effective she will become. Now freezing more targets she will guarantee more kills for teammates, i already imagine a Mei protected with a bubble or a shield freezing a compact ground of enemies, so her role becomes more like a disruptor/CC.
At this point doesn’t make sense anymore to make Mei an antiflanker, it’s clear is not her role because we have Brigitte, so making her an antimobility/CC hero is the best bet. Also she was a niche pick in S2 due to deathball and beyblade meta, so she will become more useful in this tank meta IMO.
About the cryofreeze i feel she will get the fix in the live version, IDK about the ultimate.
I’m glad Mei finally got another useful buff, at this point i would retain her balanced for now, don’t forget she’s a 3 stars of difficulty hero, so to use her efficiently you have to find tricks and excercise her more.


I like how only a week after I finally uninstall this evil game they NOW announce a Mei buff that might actually mean something (got very salty that I was a game from top 500 then fell to 3700 after getting horrible teams, I’m probably decayed to diamond now lul. Not to mention Mei bugs and the same old dive)

Won’t work on me though, will definetly login just for Meis event stuff though…

Well, let’s see if the game finally changes for good! Unfortunately though a Mei and reaper buff really doesn’t mean tracer will be any less good especially from the sounds of what the Mei buff is. So i heavily doubt these 2 being better will be enough to shift the game. I mean, tanks already have enough to deal with… mobility needs more to worry about!

Though now with Brigitte and Moira being good options against flankers, on paper, that could change. Took me 1100 hours to finally break the addiction. I’m gonna check back in like 4 months I sure hope I return to a regularly balanced game, with a decent community and a proper competitive ranking system.

Gonna be decayed to like barely diamond by then but I’ll return with a different mindset, not caring about my rank much. Just playing what I find fun. Likely not in chat either. And thats what quick play is for right? But then comp is just quick play +, qp is even more unbearable.


Main thread updated, let me know what do you think


Observations and suggestions for Mei.

-Players with a portion of Freeze Buildup as well as Fully Frozen players should not be instantly Unfrozen by Zarya Bubble.

-Lucio’s WallRide and Shimada WallClimb should immediately be disabled as soon as any amount of Freeze Buildup is applied.

-Mei should be able to stop a Mercy Rez by freezing her.
The time it takes to Fully Freeze someone is slightly too long.

-Mei’s Blizzard should be an Area of Effect without a Line of Sight check.
If you’re in it you should get frozen.

-If the Line of Sight check must stay, then Blizzard’s graphics should be changed to show the actual area of effect.

-While being frozen, enemies can turn away making it more difficult to headshot them while frozen; maybe they should slip and fall down instead.


It looks good.

I gave the idea of Mei reloading her ammo in Cryo-Freeze a thought, and I came to the conclusion that she shouldn’t have her ammo reloaded in Cryo-Freeze.

Unlike Reaper’s Wraith Form, does Mei’s Cryo-Freeze heal her. This also means that she will get ult charge when she is using Cryo-Freeze. Something Reaper also doesn’t get when he is using Wraith Form. Also, Mei’s Cryo-Freeze block LoS of abilities like Dva’s ultimate (and protect teammates behind her) and can block doorways.

It’s a trade off.
Mobility and reloading or healing and blocking.

It would definitely be nice, but I don’t think it would be fair to other invulnerability abilities in this game.

The changes on PTR are nice. At this point am I only waiting for bug fixes.



Do you guys think the Cryo-Freeze bug will be fixed on this patch?

(I know it’s not fixed atm, but there have been countless bug fixes that only went in the patch when it was pushed live)


I just tested the new Mei’s buff in the PTR and it’s so fun!!! , it’s not the “silver bullet” for Mei but is fun.
It’s the best buff for Mei in 2 years…2 years!"!!!


Right, we can’t have anything in the game, we should switch if necessary. Also the cryofreeze has applications that sometimes we forgot: blocking a door, repair teammates, and most importantly baiting important cooldowns.


This buff def helps in certain situations A LOT more. She still needs some small tweaks but this is a good start.

"Endothermic Blaster

Now pierces through enemies
Developer Comments: This change helps Mei combat multiple targets that are clumped up and also makes it easier to keep her freezing a specific target if another enemy gets in the way. In addition, this change helps her ultimate more consistently be able to freeze more targets, especially if they are near each other. Note: While her shots now pierce enemies, they still do not pierce barriers such as Reinhardt’s shield."

Any idea what the bold means? Do they mean she can now potential freeze more people faster if they happen to be close because of the buff or something else?


You can stack the freezing of her primary fire and ultimate.

Before could you only speed up the freezing of 1 enemy at a time who was in her in ultimate, but now you can do more at the same time.

It’s a pretty nice buff if you’d ask me.