Mei feels Very broken atm


i’ve noticed a few bugs with Mei at the moment.
these might not be bugs but they are hideously unfair imo.

1: when using her freeze ability (m1) there is little to no falloff anymore withing the range… close up or at the maximum range, she freezes you just as fast.

2: When being frozen it takes only 1 second for you to be frozen on the spot then another 1 second before you cant fight back.

3: When in frozen state she can “pre” freeze you for when you break out meaning you get maybe 1/4th of a second to get away.


Mei is actually viable close range again? God forbid. Blizzard should destroy her like they did Sym 3.0 and Sombra.


At first I thought this post was saying she was broken with her new right click lol. Just played with Jardio a few hrs ago and one of the first things he said. Was funny

Sorry that was irrelevant


1 has always been the case. As long as the icy freeze shots hit, they count towards hits needed to freeze (30 hits)

  1. It takes 1.5 seconds to freeze and freeze lasts 1 second, yeah that’s how it works.

  2. It takes 1.5 seconds to freeze someone regardless of whether they were just frozen and you’re still firing lmb or if you’re freezing them for the first time.


Mei is just bare bones viable at this time. Her M1 has been largely the same for a pretty long time now, and with buffs to put her in line with other characters she’s just now showing up in games. Most characters can kill you faster than she can freeze you. Please explain how it’s unfair. It’s not a lock on beam, it doesn’t pierce barriers, and it does 45 damage a second. Plus she needs to be about as close as Reinhardt does to actually hit you with her M1.

In the time it would take Mei to freeze you with her M1, McCree could flash bang you and shoot twice. Brig could swing, shield bash, swing, and kill. Roadhog could hook and kill. Basically, Mei’s M1 is punishing you for being out of position and being away from your team.