Mei Bugs Still Present in 1.50

Moira’s ult could heal Mei in Cryo-Freeze back in the day. I guess that is what I considered healing.

The problem you are going to face when trying to time stamp every change is that there have been a lot of the Cryo-Freeze changes that weren’t documented in patch notes. Sometimes things were working, sometimes they weren’t. Then things would just change.

No. She couldn’t her healing used to be blocked by it!

That is cool that you have Moira’s name and icon. Remember when enemy Moira’s orbs went through Mei’s wall but not friendly ones for a while? I do. Glad that got fixed.

Anyway search reddit for Mei can now be targeted by allies in Cryo-Freeze", but only with certain abilities. Here’s a list of what abilities can target Mei in her iceblock. (Is this a bug?)

Could be a mistake in the video, who knows. All I mean regardless of the answer, what worked and what didn’t was a mess for a while. Fun roller coaster to track if you are into that kind of research on bugs and changes.

Yes I do remember it? it also went through team walls too.

  1. She can’t be healed when she uses ice block. Its a huge nerf of her survivability.
  2. She has not enough ammo to shoot an enemy after she freezes him.
  3. She can’t slow down mobil targets to freeze.
  4. Wall’s cooldown was encreased, wall’s HP was decreased.
  5. According to Overbuff, she has an incredibly low winrate and an incredibly low pickrate (she is not even a situational hero now) from Bronze to GM.

What is Mei supposed to do to win in this game?

While I appreciate the attention this has gotten, the topic has, sadly, deviated from discussion around actual bugs to one of perceived balance. If a mod happens upon this topic, it would be fantastic if everything after the bug reporting was split off into a different thread and tossed into General Discussion.

That said…

Yes, the inability for teammates to target her is a nerf, but it’s not insurmountable. Temper your aggression and relegate cryo to blocking abilities and LoS. Treat it like an instant half-pillar ice wall rather than a sustain.
As far as Moira’s healing is concerned, her ability to target Mei has been a turbulent one, but the intent and functionality before this nerf was such that she could heal Mei in cryo. Granted, it’s a moot point now as no one can, but that’s how it goes.

Mei has 120 ammo, and even with the extra tick required to freeze a target, that’s enough for two unoptimized freeze cycles per clip. If they fix the extra tick bug, that goes back up to three (more than enough to kill the majority of the roster unassisted). And the double- and triple-tap techs are still alive and well.

Lastly, winrates and pickrates are not indicative of balance, nor perceived balance – especially in an environment where the bulk of players are deriving their playstyle and strategy from common sources (i.e. streamers and youtubers). You can still have success with Mei at all levels of the game, even in the buggy state she’s in today.

Winrates and pickrates are the only things that show the balance. And you can see it for different categories of players - from Bronze to GM. And everywhere Mei’s winrate and pickrate are incredibly low.

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Play her like Zarya? I’d love to see someone actually try to do that with the current Mei if that is what you mean. I’d like to try but honestly, I doubt it’ll go over well with the way she is currently.

There are some bugs missing from the list, not sure if you are up to updating it or just focusing on the ones you’ve focused on.

This happened to me yesterday. I tried (and failed!) to predict when mei would stop cryo and charge at it. She doesn’t stop cryo but charge didn’t stop on her.

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Shouldn’t Symmetra be able to charge her beam off Cryo-freeze if it behaves like wall? Not to mention Symmetra has been unable to charge her gun off ice wall in Deathmatch for nearly two years.

If it took damage, I imagine it would. It’s that pesky invulnerability that’s preventing you from charging up.

Mei’s blaster requires an additional tick to freeze (30 -> 31).

Still not fixed.