Mei Bugs Still Present in 1.50

Since the most recent set of nerfs handed to Mei a few patches back, there have been a handful of bugs that have gone unacknowledged. I would like to see these added to the known issue list to be eventually fixed. If they are not bugs (cryo targeting), it would be nice if a dev would state as much.

  • Mei cannot be targeted by teammates while in cryo [undocumented nerf, bug]:

  • Mei’s blaster requires an additional tick to freeze (30 -> 31) [undocumented nerf/bug]:

  • Mei’s cryo does not block enemy movement abilities (Rein’s charge, Hammond’s ball form) [bug]:

I’m not demanding an immediate fix, but some acknowledgement or communication one way or another on all of these would be nice. Mei already has enough critical bugs going unacknowledged, we don’t need more of them to fight with.

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Edit #2: Removed first item, as it is intended behavior.


Adding a few more reported in a previous post for live patch:

Rein charge:

Other user reported the same issue with Rein charge from 2 POV:

As Ceiu mentioned, i would love some acknowledgement about those current bugs, as was not mentioned on the 2 previous patches.

Thanks for bringing these points to our attention! We wanted to clarify some of things you’re bringing up, as some are intended, and others are being investigated. In the order provided:

  • It is intended that Mei’s Cryo-Freeze makes her untargetable by friendly abilities. This was implemented on May 19 with the note, “Now behaves like Mei’s Ice Wall when it comes to interactions. Cryo-Freeze will block line of sight and collision in much the same way.” Previously, Mei’s Cryo-Freeze would block damage and break line of sight from enemies, but it is now intended to be more consistent and behave the same way for allies as well (i.e. Cryo-Freeze also blocks friendly abilities, projectiles, bullets, etc)
  • We will take a look to see about the change in number of ticks. There was not an intended change to Mei’s freeze rate
  • We will take a look at Mei not stopping Reinhardt’s Charge / Wrecking Ball. Mei’s Cryo-Freeze is intended to serve as an immovable object (once planted on the ground) and disrupt line of sight

Can you clarify that not being able to heal mei in cryo freeze is intended or not? Because currently you cannot and it kinda sucks as a healer sometimes.

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It is intended that she cannot be healed, not even mercy can attach through an icewall friendly or enemy

Oof, alright. I’ll just make a habit of warning Anas and Moiras that keep throwing heals at my bricks of ice. Thanks for the clarification.

These two are 100% reproducible by literally just doing what we did in the clips – have a ball/rein charge through a cryo’d Mei.

Thanks again.

One last question here: there are other bugs with Mei, but the reproducers are not straight forward, or not reliable. What is the best way to go about getting attention on these? I’ve posted about it before, but the posts fall off before they get any traction.

Feel free to respond in this thread, we’ll keep an eye out!


It is intended that Mei cannot be healed through Cryo-Freeze.


Alright. The other two I’m seeing from time to time, but don’t have easy reproducers:

  • Occasionally, enemies will not freeze after exceeding 30 ticks, instead staying at the maximum movement penalty, but never freezing. This persists until the freeze ticks fall off and they fall below the freeze threshold again, and are then brought back up. This can occur with the blaster or with her ultimate.
    Example clip:

  • Players can be pulled through Mei’s ice wall, and some entities can fit through the collision gaps between the pillars in Mei’s ice wall.
    Example clip:

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This affects more than just Mei. Even if Mei cant be healed let Mercy use her as a main target for valk beams at least. Right now valk beams break instantly when Mei uses her self-heal and this sometimes screws up everything, adding yet another way for Mei players to troll their own team.


Was that an intended hit for support players or was it meant to be a Mei nerf? It was support players that asked for that change in the first place to make Mei less frustrating to play with…

It’s because Mei gains ultimate charge when she self heals, like Roadhog.

They are not trolling when they do that, what? LOL

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This is how it originally worked and then you guys made it possible to heal her in Cryo-Freeze. So we’re going back to how it used to work a long time ago? Is this just a pros and cons thing where it’s either it blocks LOS or you can heal, but can’t have both?

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You can actually heal Mei while she’s in Cryo, if your healing ability was already active on her before she initiates it. Which is very surprising behavior, IMO.

I wonder if a Mercy with her beam on Mei in Cryo can fly to her if she has “prefer beam target” on. I hadn’t thought to test that.

Thank you for clarifying the meaning of this patch note. For the record, It would have been 1000% clearer if it had said “block line of sight and collision for allies as well as enemies in much the same way”. As published, it gave no useful information about what had changed. (A lot of people had the impression that it was changed to block enemy LoS, even though it has always done so.)

Can you share any reasoning for this change? It has a massive impact on the experience of playing with a Mei on your team, and we didn’t even get a clear heads-up, let alone an explanation. It’s also a reversal of a change from a couple years ago that allowed Mei to receive friendly projectile-based healing while in Cryo. What made that a good idea then and a bad idea now?

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Please revert this…

Mercy isn’t able to fly to Mei in her ice block, and it has led to many deaths when relying on her for an escape.

Why did you feel the need to change how it works in the first place? Nobody has ever said Mei’s ice block needs to be addressed?


Thank you for clarifying! However, I would ask that you consider reverting the healing change.

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Moira has never been able to heal Mei through Cryo-Freeze, did they changed it then revert it back?

I thought this was the same for all healers tbh.

From the 1.8 patch notes on February 28, 2017.

So yes, Moira could heal Mei through Cryo-Freeze when she was added at the end of 2017. You could even use Zarya’s bubble on Mei when she was in Cryo-Freeze.

This change comes over 3 years later in what I am hoping is just lost in translation patch notes from what we’ve been told online, but it still doesn’t feel right.

Nope, it was definitely not a thing for Moira when she was released check for a later patch please. I know for a fact because I didn’t play Moira until 2018 and I was annoyed that my healing did not apply to Mei at the time, I have no idea if they ever changed that for Moira though as I got so used to it not being a thing that I never waste my resource on that.