Mei Blizzard ult


The new animation they’ve added on to Meis ult is amazing
Not only can you tell if you’re actually in it or not, but it also just looks amazing!


They made it a literal snow globe :joy::joy:

Its really nice and her primary fire has a better focus effect so you can track her spray better.

Try the color blind options her wall will change into interesting ice pop colors. :laughing:


The fun thing is they said that visuals for abilties has been upgraded but the only change i see is ultimate and primary fire.

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – September 21, 2018:

Although i think the wall has some kind of snow dust falling off of it, but im not sure


The visual effects on the ground are different as well.

It now looks like Mei has sprayed on the floor with her primary fire when she place her wall. Cryo-Freeze has the same effects. Instead of cracks on the floor do we now see snow/ice.


The new effects feel very cool and feel more like ice instead of a strange gas, and give us an idea about the radius (if someone is inside and could get freezed). Also i feel the fire ratio of icicles got slightly increased


I love that I can zee the radius
Because I always felt cheated when I got frozen by a mei ult that wasn’t even on the same level as me.
But now I won’t feel cheated because I can see exactly where her ult covers!


Is there any change to the animation of her ult when there’s stuff blocking it? Because one of the weirdest things about Blizzard is that it works on line of sight but there’s no visual indication of that.