[MEGATHREAD] Can You Hear the Audio Issues? I Bet You Can! 🔇


If you read through the thread, people who play on PC are experiencing the issue as well. One person even plays on both console and PC and verifies that they’ve seen the exact same audio issues on both.


The healing one is a big issue for me I’ve encountered so many times. If the purpose of having voice lines along with the command wheel is to tell everyone who activated the command without looking at them, it’s bugged and has been for months. There are so many audio issues in the game I’m glad to have a post in general to bring attention to them. We need fixes for things like these!


Have not experienced this on the PC side.

I wonder if the battle audio buff had an adverse effect on consoles.


I hope PC players haven’t experienced the audio issues we have.

They would all have hearing damage as well from that voice comm volume issue. Which still hasn’t been fixed, so we probably should add that to the list.


I’ve experienced this and rear sound muffles. Basically, whatever isn’t directly in front of me i cannot hear. Sound is broken in ow sadly.


Yeah, I don’t play healer very often so when I ran Ana and didn’t hear the audio request cue for heals from the WB it raised major red flags for me. That’s a big, big problem for team based modes.

I’m glad to see traction gaining on this post as well, hopefully if enough people raise their voices Blizzard won’t have any choice but to finally “hear” this issue.


Yeah it seems like something like that, right? Like the background noise is somehow muted in a weird way. I know that in some matches especially I don’t hear the sounds of shots fired by enemies. I’ll hear the sound effect when the bullets tear into my back, but I won’t hear the firing of the shots when they’re coming from behind me.

Like in this video, a Tracer is shooting me up from behind and you can only hear the sound effect of the bullets landing, but not the shots being fired:


What is the voice comm volume issue? I don’t talk in voice chat so I haven’t heard about this, but if it’s yet again another audio issue that’s just one more annoying straw to add on top of the camel’s back.


What was the “battle audio buff”? Did it come out a few months ago? Because it feels to me like all these problems just started happening within the past few months. Though, other people have said they were having issues like this since half a year ago.

Strange that you’re not experiencing these audio issues. I wonder why it would affect some players but not others, yet across platforms like this? Very strange that it affects both console and PC players alike, but not all PC players are experiencing it. I wonder if it has something to do with memory issues? Maybe the game code is straining players consoles and low-power PC’s causing weird audio hiccups like this. Do you have a very powerful PC system setup, super-cooled/overclocked or anything?


Something else I thought I should mention that I’m unsure if it’s an audio bug or not…but it seems wierd to me, and happens rarely.

Sometimes while waiting to attack, or setting up defenses, if the enemy makes a sound while moving (Like a Rien charging) or uses a voiceline, it will come through our team “coms” as if someone on our team said it or did it.

Example. Enemy D.Va in waiting attack spawn control point voice lines “GG!” but we hear it clearly in our spawn like a friendly ultimate call and all look at each other since we have no D.Va and now know that they do.

It will happen randomly mid match as well, but that’s a lot harder to notice.

Next time it happens I’ll clip it.


I’m surprised they still haven’t given you the option to INCREASE sound effects like the sound made when your abilities are still on cooldown.


You know something weird like that happened to me too! Only happened once or twice that I can recall, but when it did I raised my eyebrows like “uhhh was that the enemy’s comms just now?”, I didn’t clip it either but if it happens again I’ll clip it too, very strange but yeah I remember exactly that happening, rare but it happened, and who knows it very well may be related to these other issues as well.


That would be convenient for sure.


After the last big patch,in game voice comm volume was automatically maximized, leading to many a split eardrum. You had to drop voice comm volume to 50 or less to get normal sound back.

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The battle audio buff increased the range at which people can hear combat related audio by 25%. As a result it has made certain things easier to hear. Hanzo shots for one can be detected much easier. However, things that previusly easy to hear like Reaper’s footfalls become more difficult due to the increase overall noise.

The update was back in June.


I legit just posted a similar issue, except you at least got the notification in chat, for me it was a Genji who was very upset I didn’t heal him. I got no audio cue and no notification in the chat box, and he was standing behind me while I was focusing my heals on the 5 others that were in front of me.


For months now I haven’t been able to hear Reaper walking around. Also it’s hit or miss with Pharah as well I’d say only like 40-50% of the time I can hear her jets when she is right next to me.


I reckon this is easily another one they will purposely refuse to acknowledge for months/ years to come.

Missing sound queues
No headshot audio (PS4)