[MEGATHREAD] Can You Hear the Audio Issues? I Bet You Can! 🔇


Thanks so much for sharing your videos! How strange, so the audio is lost in-game but when replayed in highlight the sound FX come back, how bizarre. I have level 3 so I’ll repost these so it’s easier for others to playback:

In Game (Missing Audio)

In Highlight (Audio Restored)


For a while I’ve been playing Mcree a lot and when I’m in the training room with the bots the head shot sound sometime happens sometimes you only see the mark that indicated that you hit the target but not sound cue whatsoever. Is the same when collecting health packs and in game is almost a nightmare because you barely hear enemies approaching before you can react and that is the best case when you do.

I’ve uninstall and reinstalled every software and follow all the troubleshoot info giving by blizzard


I am having same problem too. I can not hear hit sounds sometimes on pc. Especially when playing Winston.


Someone in General Discussion just made a thread about the audio cutoff issues they’re experiencing:





Thanks a lot for catching and posting these, Muf, really helps to keep this issue bumped. I’ve added these to the (growing) master list of such threads in my second post and contacted the authors of those threads to share their experiences or videos here if possible. Hopefully the continued push against this issue will make it a higher priority for the devs.


We cant forget that a lot of times you cant hear pharah flying above you head.

You only hear her when she is shooting the rockets.

Same with reaper, you only hear him when he shoot


When i’m in a game I can hear all of the other game sound effects fine but the voice chat doesn’t register. I have tested my mic and looked at my settings but the issue still persists. If I can’t communicate with my team then i’m going to end up losing a lot of games



I found a fix for my sound issues. Turning OFF both LIMIT CLIENT SEND RATE and LIMIT SERVER SEND RATE.




Hm. I guess I’m relieved to know it’s not just me, but disappointed to know it’s a prevalent issue.

Thanks for linking my post, Muf.


same i have sound issue too cant hear enemy footsteps or their ultimate’s lots of sound missing from close range attacks and so on its a big issue blizzard need to fix it asp…



As of the latest patch, I am still experiencing the voice line audio issues.


Also having weird sound bugs and distortions in OW


Im not having just footsteps problem etc, Im having the whole damn games sound vanishing. It vanishes, everything apart from people talking in voice, and then it appears again.
Hell, it also affects my entire pcs sound system. Discord I cant hear people talking, but they hear me, and I cant hear music from spotify either when OW cuts off its sound.

I mean, this is such a massive bug that I cant even play the game anymore. I love this game, and its frustrates me like crazy. PLEASE fix this blizzard. Never had problems with your game before, but now this.