McCree's buff - Why I'm so confused

I am not sure I understand the point of buffing McCree in this way… For those who don’t understand what happened, Blizzard has issued one change to McCree’s kit and it is Deadeye…

This is honestly a bit of a head scratcher to me considering there really isn’t any map out there where the range on McCree’s Deadeye was actually limited in that way save for a couple of maps. 70 m is longer than you might think. An example is on that long stretch of road on third phase of Gibraltar or if you go to the Training Range and move yourself all the way to the platforms away from the main area and target the bots all the way across from the other side. If a person is near the edge of the cliff where the defenders’ second spawn room is and McCree is touching the wall from the opposite side of that cliff, that is 70 m away…

That’s about it though. Other maps don’t have anywhere near that long of a sightline or at least one good enough to utilize Deadeye. On top of that, the change isn’t there/working as intended. So I tested this on the bots at the Training Range in that 70 m range spot I talked about and the Deadeye doesn’t even zero in on the bots on the PTR… So, basically nothing changed and even if it did, I’m still confused as to the point of buffing that particular aspect of McCree’s kit.

It’s just a feature preventing some rage that was probably introduced first to avoid lags/idk. I suppose this change might prevent some bad cases when pharah/mercy are flying very high and very far away.

It might have taken 5 min or no more to a dev to change the range value, and it won’t have any impact on any gameplay. No need to pay more attention to this line in the notes, i guarantee

There really isn’t a skybox that big for PharahMercy to escape to and again, what’s the point? At that range, Pharah has the advantage since McCree’s fall-off is atrocious and harder to hit while Pharah can still hit for the same damage while being harder to hit the McCree at that range. Not to mention the change isn’t working as intended as I tried targeting a bot from the longest possible range in Training Range which I did find it to be 70 m at least and it doesn’t zero in on the bots.

There’s almost no point, that’s what I’m trying to tell. Just move on :slight_smile:

I can’t move on though. I must keep asking questions to raise the attention of the devs as well making sure the community knows what’s going on. Not to mention that they need to fix the change as it isn’t working on the PTR if they are sticking with this change.

I din’t even knew that his ult had a range limit. But I don’t play McCree so no wonder… ^^"

Funny buff. I would love to know in what situation 70 meters isn’t enough.
But hey, I play McCree quite a lot, so I welcome it.

They want range to be a non-factor in every situation, even if it only ever was in 1 out of 10000 uses of Deadeye, so they made its range longer than the entirety of most maps. It’s 100% consistent now, and in those rare cases where you had to worry about range you no longer have to.

As you say, it doesn’t affect regular gameplay and shouldn’t be seen as a deliberate buff to him in a competitive sense.

The only part of a map that I assume would be the most common to avoid pre-PTR Deadeye would be the first phase of Junkertown.

From the attacker spawn all the way to the second phase attacker spawn is probably well over 70 meters at this point, and potentially almost goes 200 meters.