McCree is the new ‘panic Bastion’

Kind of where I land with it.

At this point I’m also cool with hero pools. I just want a break from him lmao

Well the idea I got going is pool bundles, that can be voted on.

I.e. “is this going to be a Dive match, or a bunker match, or a Brawl match”

Frankly, I think this is enough.

Enough for now, sure.

But I’m looking towards OW2 stuff.

Ah gotcha. I hesitate to pronounced sentence on what will be needed there until I’ve played it personally so I can’t judge the rest with any confidence on those grounds.

I tend to think ahead a lot.

No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

The data doesn’t back up that claim.

However if what you’re saying is mccree will appear as soon as we try to pick the usual flanking / air dps. Yes, he will.

Counters are a thing. If they have junk doom you go double air and they’re toast.

Mccree is only 1% above tracer in pickrate in GM, which is literally the only place where mccree has a positive winrate.

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McCree can drop below Soldier pickrate for all I care.

Fixing tanks and queue times is more important than which DPS are used most in GM.

What’s the correlation between mccree and tanks being the least played role?

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Ranged tank buster, with a stun, and a 625 damage combo.

So what was the excuse for tanks pre-buffs? Because the difference betwen OP cree and dumpster fire cree happened when he got 225 hp.

Of course people won’t mention that dva fell through the cracks and she was a mccree disabler but oh well.

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Never said anything of the sort. I couldn’t care less if he was #2 or #5, but nerfing him to the point where he’s just plain bad isn’t a solution. Here’s what I said


This whole “fixing queue times” idea of yours is a fantasy. Nothing is going to magically make queue times low for DPS aside from a large influx of players, aka OW2

Nothing you have ever suggested is a viable solution to “Fixing queue times”

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Not sure what you mean by that

Pretty sure if McCree, Hanzo and Echo weren’t Tank busters, that you’d get more Tank players.

Throw in removing McCree/Mei stuns, and you’d get more.

Which also begs the question why they would need to wait to fix queue times.

I mean, tanks were already not being played before mccree became “OP” or whatever.

Most of which you had Hanzo doing 475-990 damage in 1.5sec, instead of McCree doing 625 damage in 1.7sec

There has been plenty of time between now and when 2-2-2 started without Hanzo/McCree/Echo/Mei being played in most games, and DPS queue times were still high. So dumpstering those heroes will have very little effect if when they weren’t played often didn’t change queue times much either.

Like I said, nothing you have suggested is a real solution to “fixing queue times”. The only way to “Fix” queue times is for OW2 to add a bunch of players. OW1 queue times are what they are, especially considering no major reworks are happening

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You seem to be confusing the ratio of DPS players to Tank players, for the number of players.

More players could potentially make queue times worse, because they may primarily be DPS players.

In other words, if tanks were essentially impossible to kill by conventional means and we had to take into account cc for killing them.

With 1 less tank required in OW2, that’s highly unlikely. Queue times should be pretty low for everyone

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