McCree is the new ‘panic Bastion’

Why not play McEz?

Because the other dps already took him.

That, and you’d miss every shot as McCree.

Don’t forget to at least nerf the low skill - high reward mess that is Fan the Hammer to its old 45 DPS damage values as well…

Mccree does not do well against packed enemies , if Fan the Hammer is such an annoying skill nerf its damage so tanks don’t get melted but give him something like explosive rounds on headshots. Make an experimental card see how it works out if he does aoe damage on headshots. Most satisfying thing about mccree is the little ding it does when you crit someone. Think it would provide an interesting alternative.

I love these ideas…

Thx, been tinkering around with a bunch of hero redesigns.

No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

It’s not Halloween for months yet.

Of course she needs to get kills to hold the point as her simple existence after using cryo is a death sentence and she’s just free ult charge for enemies and she still can’t do her main job with current damage output and healthpool of 250HP while the other one does her job better in everything (raw damage, tank pressure and shield breaking, mobility, range, cc) with 25 less HP and gets more reward for less effort as explained in OP…

I think the flashbang change is awful.
He needs it to make his combo work at all let alone secure a kill.

People can barely capitalise on Sombras hack and that lasts 5s so there’s no way McCree can capitalise on a 0.45s hack (due to flashbang recovery)

Just leave the stun as it is but reduce the duration to 0.75. This way less FTH shots can hit before you die allowing heroes with defensive cooldowns the have more time to use them to block Or avoid the last shots of FTH. This means bulkier heroes either don’t die or take less damage but thinner or damaged heroes still die.

As for the cooldown I’d say instead of a cooldown do nothing as it’s quite difficult to bust barriers with anyway and 300 damage every 2.28s isn’t too high. But if you insist on nerfing it give it a 0.22s recovery. This way after using it he’s left vulnerable for longer so he should only use it when he can secure a kill or he might get picked off himself. ALSO that leaves FTH doing 300 damage every 2.5s which is neat and tidy as all things should be.

As for roll cooldown. I think that is useless and shouldn’t even be a feature. I think it’s either crap and useless or if we change it or buff it it’s too good. Let’s not have features rely on inconsistencies like headshots.
To help him keep his distance just buff the distance it goes, burst movement will always be more useful than smaller sustained bursts of movement.

But with my other changes to your notes I don’t think he needs this compensation buff.

So in conclusion all I would do it:
FTH recovery time before reloading now 0.22s
Flashbang duration now 0.75s

Alternatively you could remove ALL the team utility from flashbang.
Reduce the duration to 0.45s but delete the recovery time entirely.
This gives McCree the same amount of time to capitalise on his own stuns but gives everybody else less chance as well.
So it’s harder to save a target he stunned but harder to use your team to burst a large target
In tandem with a duration nerf it would be:
Recovery time on flashbang reduced from 0.35s to 0
Flashbang duration nerfed to 0.4s

Bastion doesn’t need that many changes.

Right now, his Recon Mode is very good.
The biggest issue with Bastions current kit is the transformation speed from Recon to Turret & vice versa.

If they just increase the transformation speed, Bastion wouldn’t be caught out for an easy kill in Turret mode because he could preemptively be ready to retreat behind natural cover or go chase after someone that is moving out of sight.

Bastion has the capability to do something that no other hero can do. (excluding Dva)
And that is the ability to continuously fire shots at the enemy without reloading.
It can be easily timed how to do this, too.
Hold down left click in Recon mode until 5 ammo is used & switch to Turret mode.
Hold down left click in turret mode until 50 ammo is used & switch back to Recon mode.

The ammo auto reloads for the unused mode. Timing that with both modes back & forth creates a mobile Bastion that is never reloading.

The one thing that no other hero, including any DPS can do.

The only issue with this is the transformation time. If they just reduce that, Bastion would be way more capable in surviving on his own, while being a mobile force of nature.

Being sniped by, say, a McCree should result in a fold-out Rocket Launcher automatically firing a rocket back at the precise location of the sniper, yes. I mean who would build a smart autoturret without including an anti-sniper mechanism?!

Actually you mean wrecking ball is the new panic bastion.


That’s literally the only reason not to play McCree lmao.

I’m sorry that I don’t like losing. I might enjoy learning new chars…but if I feel like I’m not doing anything I will switch to my main(cree,( it was and will be my main even if they nerf him)).

If Mei can’t freeze combo, why should McCree?

Good feedback on this though.
I’ll make sure to add that there should be zero recover on flashbang.

You either play for fun or play to win. You’ll never balance the game to make all characters equally viable. Some are going to be decent in all situations, others are going to be very good in one specific field.

Best mid range - he’s a hitscan, so no problem.
Strong close range? Yes, flashbang can be used to get a single kill or to protect himself from highly mobile heroes, wow.
Without his flashbang he gets deleted instantly in close ranges. Reaper can jump into the entire enemy team and get out alive. McCree can’t just get close to your entire team, delete someone and get out alive.
And if you’re trying to 1v1 McCree in a close range without your team helping you - that’s your fault.


Those suggestions look like a bad McCree to me

Only really “bad”, if your aim sucks, and you’ve just been relying on FtH cheese

No… You’re acting as if every McCree player should be a god hitting constant headshots. A 0.1s stun gives McCree zero time to line up a followup shot. In fact, they’ll be moving before he even gets a chance to shoot, and even if they can’t use abilities they can immediately fight back. What good is that?

Your idea of what makes McCree viable is a bit messed up if you think what you suggested is only “bad” if “your aim sucks and rely on FtH cheese”

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I’m actually acting like fixing tanks and queue times, and removing “annoying CC” is more important than if any 1 of 17 DPS is #1 in GM.