McCree is the new ‘panic Bastion’

Let me rephrase it for you.

When you say “some people quit” I think you underestimate what that some means. That some means probably a good 50%

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Ah yes, so you think buffing Tanks would make it so Tanks are queued for more than DPS.

Aka. Basically lying

No Grey.

The only way to achieve your magical fixing of queue times is to buff tanks to an insane degree so that a bunch of DPS players stop playing DPS and play tank instead.

No minor buffs will change queue times. We’re talking about putting an extreme amount of power into tanks to achieve your goal. You underestimate what it would take to get there I guess :man_shrugging:


because Mei’s combo is on her primary.
McCree’s combo is on a 10s cooldown.

Mei’s combo goes through defense matrix
McCree’s combo doesn’t.

In OW2 with one tank, Mei is much more lethal to that one tank as she could pressure the tank with potential of a 1.3s stun, slow and damage.
McCree could do 300 damage but that won’t kill the tank and isn’t anything that can’t be healed or blocked much easier.

Mei could literally ruin Sigma or D.Va as they are now as a solo tank.
McCree can’t.

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So then go as far as they can in that direction, without causing problems.

But then again your point is that they can’t move in that direction at all, without going in that direction 100%.

I.e. Classic slippery slope fear mongering

Grey I feel like you’ve only half thought about what you’re saying.

If you want to “fix queue times” you would have to drastically alter balance for tanks/DPS to make the populations more equal. It will cause problems

Not some slight changes. Some absolutely game altering changes. Total reworks potentially, which we already know isn’t happening in OW1.

This is why I think what you’re suggesting is a pipe dream

Your goal is unachievable in OW1. Which again, is why I’ve said several times that the only thing that will potentially significantly lower queue times is OW2, but you don’t seem to accept that reality.

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You do know they are removing Mei freeze in OW2, right?

If you’re interested in what I had in mind.

They are going to game game altering changes soon enough. So why wait?

No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

I’m really not interested in reading what you have in mind. OW2 is coming and we will see how things are. Nothing that you’re suggesting is going to happen until then, and I won’t entertain the idea of taking a bulldozer to balance in the meantime

The game, likely contrary to what you think, is quite balanced right now. Taking a sledgehammer to it is the last thing I want, until OW2 comes out and 5v5 is here. Once OW2 is here, I’m down to see drastic changes, as the game will be drastically different with 1 less tank & role passives, new maps/modes/heroes etc.

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Yes I thought that’s what you were referring to.
Hers is going because the ever present threat of a long stun on a solo tank that can’t be defense matrixed.

McCree is a blockable once every 10s stun. They’ve only said it might go not it will in OW2.

I don’t think McCree’s is the same issue.

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Why are you so right like 95% of the time?

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I think you mean 105% of the time :wink: Lol.

I can’t help it! :man_shrugging:

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Aka. “Devs should do nothing about queue times for probably the next year, until OW2 launches, and just pray they get it right on the first try”

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I don’t think the devs will really have to try at all with queue times in OW2, at least not right away.

It’s going to be, shall I say, huge.

No sense bulldozering balance to maybe get DPS players to play tank. It’s unreasonable

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So basically bleed off a bunch of active players, and then play Russian Roulette with nothing more than good intentions that they don’t screw up the OW2 launch.

That sounds suicidal from a business perspective.

I doubt it’ll be hard
1 less tank is huge. That’s basically the same as doubling the amount of tank players we have now which is like halving queue times for what we have now.
Not to mention the influx of new players.
Not to mention priority passes still exist.
Not to mention Tanks will feel POWERFUL.

And more.
I think it’ll go a long way

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Destroying balance to maybe get some DPS players to play tank isn’t suicidal from a business perspective??

Yea, I’ll take OW with good balance losing a handful of players over time because they get bored vs. taking a sledgehammer to balance and gouging the playerbase, ensuring far less players are playing the game overall by the time Overwatch 2 comes out, and crying about balance the entire time.

I think you underestimate how many players would leave with your suggestions to balance, and overestimate how many players would still be left from doing so vs. just keeping the game balanced & waiting for OW2 to come out, which will change everything.


I think you’re assuming zero cost to just letting queue times steadily get worse for a year.

Much less, waiting until OW2 launches, and hoping they can rebalance 20+ heroes in one patch, with no major issues.

Especially considering they can fix any messy parts for half a year. With plenty of do-overs to fix it.

But if they screw up even the first 3 weeks of OW2 launch, they aren’t getting a second chance at that.

Yeah I do this lol

If any of my dps I usually play aren’t working, I go right to Cree.

It’s hard to not want him absolutely gutted after we’re coming up to a year of McCree jail

End it. I don’t care how it’s done. End. It.