McCree is the new ‘panic Bastion’

Why not? they are changing to try make things work, even if it means going Bastion, if you’re unable to counter the Bastion, good on that person for the switch I’d say…

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Aka nerfing a hero into the ground.


Hot take: people still complaining about McCree are using him as a scapegoat because they are bad.


I mean I’m fine giving him whatever buffs he needs to be viable.
Just need to get rid of the “annoying CC” and the “Tank/Barrier shredding” part.

250hp ThicCree for all I care.

Well, your changes just make him absolute garbage.


K. And what sorts of compensation would he need to not be garbage?

Seriously asking since I’m slowly constructing a big post on it.

No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

No idea. Pretty much removing flash, and making fth not be able to dmg barriers are massive nerfs, needing huge buffs. Tho I have no idea to what, as you pretty much removed some of his abilities.

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all you ever do is just give everyone your patch notes and i find it hilarious :skull::sob:


It’s basically low brain power posting.

Also seeing if I can get some responses to see if there’s any holes I missed that I can plug up.


well your mccree changes are fine, that CN guy is just one of those people that are “oh your changes trash that hero but i don’t know what to do to make him not trash”. i would say just lower his FTH CD to 4 seconds because 5 may feel clunky to use

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Well it is a substantial nerf though. But one could argue McCree could take the drop in pickrate, or that he doesn’t need to be the top pick in OW2.

But really basic stuff like 250hp or 1/3rd less Ult charge cost could probably fill any gaps.


Hmm maybe tryout 200HP? Nothing was broken before they amplied his survival with new damage breakpoints. Like sure Zenyatta and McCree have way too big hitboxes, but they have firepower to back it

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225 hp is fine, lower his hit box size and reduce his ult cost by 10% or 5% and he should be viable

My Bastion doesn’t panic.
He just needs a shield.
This means you,
Road Hog, Hammond
Road Hog, Dva
Dva, Hammond

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Yes, because removing kills from flash, and nerfing dmg to barriers doesnt do much. 5 sec is too much, but 4 makes those changes totally just fine for him.

I mean I can down it to 4, since thats enough to get the idea across. Even 3 sec might work.

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Even keeping no cd on fth and the nerf to flash alone would make him bad. He was a fairly bad hero for much of this games life span, and never was he as weak as those changes would make him.


:thinking: Wasn’t Mcree allready the “panic Bastion” of the higherish ranks? :wink:

This entirely eliminate’s McCree’s anti flanker stuff. You’d need to be superhuman to capitalize on under a second of making a flanker vulnerable. Then, with Fan the Hammer on a 5 second cooldown, I don’t even think it’d be possible to combo them since the flankers and divers are often extremely small or tanky targets and they’ll only be standing still for .1 second. McCree’s already pretty garbage up close, so straight up disabling his close range fighting ability with NO BUFFS is just bad game design.

After that headshots aren’t the easiest thing to pull off in a fire fight; why in the world would it matter if landing one would reduce combat roll’s cooldown?

Genji can literally fly away from danger, Tracer can teleport away and even get her health back, but McCree has to earn the right to roll a small distance by way of extreme accuracy? And that’d be rewarding “flashy” plays? I think we both know McCree’s not getting use out of this.

A better passive would be literally giving McCree a bullet back in his clip for every headshot if you want to reward flashy plays. Though I think we both know you dont want to reward McCree doing his job by enabling him to do his job.

Oh, but McCree’s gun would be reloaded. Too bad it wouldn’t matter since you likely won’t reload after using FTH since you can’t use FTH as often.

All so flankers can play for free.


Hot take: the people saying he’s balanced either play the hero or don’t play at a level where the Cree is competent enough for it to matter.