Mccree Buffs are usless: his main problems are FanTheHammer, his ult,mobility, armor/shields and Hanzo


that’s true though. Hanzo is wild. But McCree has a higher pickrate


Bastion, Mei and Torbjorn would like to have a word with you.

inb4 “new Torb has high mobility with that 30% speed increase on E”


mei and bastion have some kind of heal so they dont need much mobility, but mccree has none


If you use Mccree’s ultimate and die while its active. You are using it wrong. Just saying.


Yeah even so it’s still underpowered. It’s a cool concept but it’s hard to balance. Let’s be honest most other dps ultimates can be so game changing and then there’s McCree’s. It’s like he’s screaming “IT’S TIME TO MOVE UR EYES TOWARDS ME AND AIM AT THE HEAD”.


Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – September 21, 2018:

Would you look at that… buffs to his mobility.
They’re taking baby steps with him… but I’ve heard about how Sniper McCree and FtH McCree basically ruled the game at different times. I’m guessing they don’t want that to happen again and are being careful.


Community: Buff his Combat roll!
Devs: okay does so
Community: why did you buff the worst part of his kit?!


most high ranked Mccrees dont even use it for kills, they use it to reload thats how poor it is…


i am not saying remove his damage falloff and buff fan the hammer. no
i want fan the hammer to be removed from his kit


FtH is one of the most reliable abilities he got, also used for breaking shields faster. Personally, I would not like to have it removed, rather buffed a little bit in some way, maybe a cd decrease as some said.


We’re talking about the same hero with one of the lowest overall win rates in the game, and the hero with the lowest win rate in GM,



If fth must stay, make it do more damage to shields so it has some use. Only ever use it once in a blue moon. I still think he should get two rolls.


Crazy thought

What if mccree only FtHd while the button for FtH was held- stopping when you let go?


easy fix for dead eye is your first shot will go to the target closest to your crosshair.


I like the buff. I think Mccree is fine. He just looks bad in comparison with hanzo, and I am worried he will get overwshadowed by new torb and soldier. The new soldier ptr buff is insane for anyone who has good tracking.


McCree is superior to Hanzo in protecting your backline. He’s not supposed to be used to flank, hunt down kills, or burst down shields. Too many people try to play him like he’s Tracer or something.

He’s built for when the game was more about team play. Now they’ve changed/created so many heroes to be effective without team coordination, and McCree and a few others have been left in the dust. I imagine they’ll make some more changes to fully update him, but I’d rather they just tune back heroes like Hanzo and Doomfist.


You can’t use combat roll to kill though, it literally does 0 damage but okay


Read before you comment, i replied on a guy talking about his ult…


This doesn’t say much because McCree also isn’t very good at this. It’s why Brigitte exists. No flanker worth their salt has been scared of Flashbang since, like, Season 1. Combine that flanker with literally any other help and McCree instantly dies.


He needs a new ult. But everything else should stay the same.