Mccree buff is awful


do not push that into live you’ll kill what makes him special and actually makes us want to play him, it jsut feels awful

Geoff Goodman said he regrets the hanzo projectile buff, now you’re doing the exact same thing, no actually alot worse.

find a better way.


it doesn’t feel awful it actually feels too good… in deathmatch you melt targets.
I rarely play McCree and I consider myself a widow/ashe main.

but now if this goes live ill be practicing mccree a lot more but i worry how deadly a pocketed mccree will be in the right hands.


m not talking power, it’s a revolver, it’s like the cs deagle, it’s a high recoil high impact gun, you dont need it to fire that fast, it just feels bad to use


Once something goes onto the PTR, 9 times out of 10 it will hit live and we’ll be stuck with it until the devs realise they screwed up. And even then, that rarely happens. Why do you think Rez still exists, or valkyrie? Once they realise its awful, they’ll get rid of it. Not before.

In short, get comfy. These will probably go live. But give it a year or two; they’ll consider changing it by then.