McCree buff feels undeed, Nerf not needed, and Symm change is weak


I don’t know why I am posting because this game is getting a bit out of hand. The DPS constantly getting buffed, the tanks are now the new Mercy and gets nerfed to the point where nobody really wants to play a tank much these days compared to over a year ago when I first played.
D.vas Self defense matrix should not be touched. As it is her armor, like all other heroes with armor, is cheese. You buff up heroes like McCree and can’t delete Bastion from this game making tanks pretty weak. You are now at a point where the focus is to unbalance this game and the tanks are just simply weaker again. That armor changed a couple patches back should not have happened, it made things worse for tanks, people literally counter EVERYTHING with a Bastion and a Torb now when they can’t play with skill. A Reins shield is down quick, a DM is now toast and useless, you should have just started deleting armor too.
Now Symmetra, Symmetra needs FASTER ANIMATION. This has been said numerous times in the forums since her rework and still, she is only good for cancer comps. Throw turrets, less skill. This seems to be the trend with this unbalance in the game going on now…making this game require, less skill to play.
Her Teleports need to animate faster and position better for the player to deploy, still not happening it seems. Distance is good, but animation is critical. When I played Symm I used to rely on her ult to block other ults, and I will pick on McCree, now you can’t, he can pull the trigger so fast you can’t get a shot to even block it, a Dva ult for that matter. Symm is now weak, she is only good for throwing turrets and used by players that require no skill and coordination.
Blizzard needs to stop making this game a guessing game when it comes to changes. Quit map releases, quit hero releases and balance this game better. Little things like this is just ruining the game more.