McCree and Soldier are unrewarding


I have 90 hours of McCree and 70 hours of Soldier:76 and my feeling is that if the enemies got dive tanks I’m dead, if they got Orisa shield I can’t help the team to destroy it for low burst damage, if their dps have Hanzo, torb or some other ones they can have more impact on the match

I climbed to mid diamond only playing Ashe (who saves the hitscan world), right now playing Soldier and Cree can be considered as throwing, they’re not effective vs tanks, they’re not effective vs snipers, they’re not effective vs supports. Nerf the tanks, the Projectile dps, or just buff them because they’re in a bad spot


McCree is getting a pretty significant buff next patch which should be on Tuesday.


Soldier is a solid flex pick and situational substitution on ladder. If the matchmaker gives you nothing but support and Tank mains it’s good to have a generalist.

But I wouldn’t use Soldier for climbing. Unless your Mercy doesn’t have to worry about teammates getting shot and pocketing you for effective midrange damage boost.

Tanks are nerfed enough from armor. Anymore and you just have squishy ult farms with barriers imo.


Well mccree is getting a buff soon. Soldier on the other hand still needs to be given more to be relevant, preferably something to make him not constantly reloading.


I don’t know. I find McCree incredibly rewarding. Effectiveness is not necessarily the same as being rewarding, but he is a high-skill hitscan and I always feel good when I can land those precise shots. I do agree tanks give him trouble, but I’m not sure they’re supposed to do otherwise.

I do remember the days when McCree was the premiere tank killer!


They gave him a hecking machine gun lol


I’ve never had a problem with Solider vs Dive and/or Tanks, he either has the tool kit to fight off a flanker or sees the Dive tank coming at him and Sprints away. As for shield break, he’s pretty good at it fwiw. I think the main problem is that there’s just no reason to play anything but Hanzo in the midrange, not that there’s anything wrong with Soldier persay.


Except the only somewhat meta projectile DPS is Hanzo and potentially Genji but he always has a somewhat higher pickrate.


just nerf the current reigning dps picks, its been ages since the only viable dps picks have been anything other than flankers and snipers


No. McCree is fine. Soldier is fine.


Contrary to popular belief… Soldier is easier to play on attack because of his longer range. McCree is easier to play on defense because of his shorter range. McCree is also OK on KotH, where Soldier is probably really bad.


Soldier needs a rework, his ult is trash and his spread potentially reduces his effective damage significantly even with aimbot like aim.


Oh no, you have barely any spread in your character choices in a game about counters. Poor you


I’ve been loving Soldier lately. While he’s obviously not a counter to dive tanks, I also never feel countered by them either.


You poor thing

Stay in postition and you won’t be an easy pick

Soldier can melt tanks as for mccree not so much

But again, sounds like a player problem and not the enemy team has tanks or a shield problem

Want them to not run them so all your damage just goes through?

Wouldn’t that be nice im sure


Soldier? Maybe.

McCree? No way lol. McCree has always been solid in good hands. Problem is instant healing and barriers.


Nah. He gets wrecked by them. You must he facing some subpar dive tanks.


Nah. They get wrecked by him. You must be playing with some subpar Soldiers.


But seriously, they counter him substantially if they know what they are going. There is very little that a Soldier can do against a competent Hammond or D.Va specifically. Winston is just meh. If he is diving with someone, obviously that helps. But I would not say he wins the MU.


I actually find D.Va to be the easiest tank to take down personally. Once I see her coming, I get ready to dodge and hide from the micro missiles. After that it’s usually an easy fight.

Of course if she catches me off guard or I don’t have my heals off CD, she can give me trouble but that’s fair.

Most of my Hammond fights end in a stalemate. Because I play Hammond, I typically know when he’s coming in for a piledrive and I make sure to run and hide from it. But then once I emerge and open fire on him, he usually retreats and I obviously can’t keep up.

Agreed that Winston isn’t a big deal.
Just sprint out of his Tesla Cannon range then open fire.