Maybe Mercy’s Kit is Outdated

It is NOT since she use it on 2 teammates and doesn’t have to maximize its utility like zarya should do. Plus we can always tweak it to make it work, by the number of teammates cleansed , giving it a cc cleanse to some cc abilities, give it multiple charges etc… The options are endless. I just think that current rez is kinda meh.

I disagree especially when Ana is targeted compared to Mercy.
Mercy just flies away but Ana needs to fight her way out and use cooldowns.
The margin for error between the two is massive.

If you cant do that then you should not play mercy. You can do both when you have experience with her.

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Honestly her healing isn’t an issue, it’s more she doesn’t have that much mobility to be perfectly honest.

Why Echo has flight that should clearly be Mercy’s I will never know.

Yes and no. I said “bubble” but i meant more “projectiles” XD

I am now starting to think about the idea of reworking Mercys beams.
Not only does the linked beam blatantly encourage pocketing, but it also holds back the rest of Mercys kit as much as E-Rez does. Why does ana moira easily outheal Mercy? Because they have to aim/resource, they have something to lose, not saying theyre easy or harder, but you get so much more value out of those than Mercys beams if played correctly.

The main problem with consistent heals in the game today, is they dont matter. The reason? Because Burst Damage, and fast quick teamfights reign supreme.
I think Mercys beams need to be like Sym and Zaryas beams, no links. This actually forces the Mercy to aim and get good at hitting targets like zarya and sym. This would come with obvious healing buffs because the consistency would go down drastically. The R key should have a burst heal of some sort to compete with the other healers burst heals.

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Mercy’s problem is very clear but i still don’t understand why the dev’s ignore it

It’ because she doesn’t have downtime on healing and boosting, every main support and brigitte have downtime on healing that’s why they have bigger numbers on healing

Mercy mains asking for a healing buff to make it 60hp, ok but what next? People who play mercy as pocket slave to pocket one dps only and ignore the others will not stop even if she gets 75 hp healing

This is the only real problem with mercy AND poor pharah

Pharah didn’t get any useful buffs because of pocket mercy

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Stop. Mercy is supposed to be accessible. She just needs numbers and she’ll be balanced. Stop complicating it

So does Winston and if anything change to Mercy, it would be her GA, not her beam

lol in her current form she doesn’t need more, that’s just being unreasonable

and as i’ve now said multiple times i never said she needs a high skill aiming beam, moira’s beam exists, and it’s definitely still accessible

winston aims as much as moira…it’s a giant hitbox

The game was designed around accessibility, and Mercy was part of the character that gives players that doesn’t have the power to twitch aim to still able to contribute to the game, refer to Blizzcon 2014 when Overwatch launched, they made it very clear that this is not an aim-intensive FPS.

Also Mercy is not entirely braindead too, she needs great awareness since she has one limited beam to heal one at the same time, and she has to decide a lot of things just like how Ana did. Pocketing can only get you nowhere of being a good mercy player.

i’m sure we can both agree that Moira’s not aim intensive, but she does aim more than Mercy (rememberer this was just an idea thread i’m not demanding actual changes :pensive:)

yea that support my statement, doesnt it? They dont need aim cuz they have other stuff to do, Mercy cannot do anything other than using their mobility while using primary and her mobility is much faster in speed and frequency than other healer. Also she HAVE TO look at teammates to fly, being able to move anywhere while healing non stop a teammate is a good thing for her, making her aim will have to result in buffs of other category to compensate that.

It was a different story when Moira has very strong sustain, but now that she got quite some balance changes? She is more of an opportunist of when to strike and when to hide with better positioning knowledge, including her yellow ball throw and her heal since its short range, sure she doesn’t need to aim as much as other supports, but now that she can actually die if she is not careful when picking her target, so I am fine with it.

Every support has their homework to do and I am fine with the way it is.

that’s fine, like i said i just think her lock on is holding back a lot of big buffs she could get, and i’m not asking for changes, it was just me thinking about what could be if she had to aim :blush:

well she is a pocket healer, if that happen then her healing would increase and sometimes cause people to unable to kill whoever she is pocketing. This happen a lot for people at plat and below since their aim isnt as good while people with good aim will feel basically nothing or take longer to shoot someone down.
If we increase her raw healing output then it would just hurt the lower ranks so buffs to her GA. But she can always use buffs to her GA since this only increase her skill cap regardless of other parts of her kit. Rez is still very strong and shouldnt be touched unless there is a good direction for that.

Her beam is fine, it doesn’t need changes

Dear god as someone who has a very hard time aiming due to medical reasons please don’t remove lock on from the only aimless hero I like


But if you remove lock on, what else would the trash supports who can’t play other supports play?

i am not demanding these changes, it was just an idea i had, i understand there should be accessible heroes for everyone :blush:

but just out of curiosity and if you don’t mind, is moira playable for you? i see you play other heroes that require aim, so why do you want Mercy to remain lock on?

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