Maybe if we complain enough Dva nerf will be reverted

Didn’t work for D.Va mains in the past. I wouldn’t get your hope up. :frowning_face:


its ok

it will work if you start a riot with me

lets burn the forums down


I am an impartial Sym specialist. I am baffled to why she got nerfed. Hitscan crybabies just hate the fact that she contests them.

She makes hitscan babies play overwatch, not a point and click adventure game.

5 Likes got a nerf?

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on the PTR they nerfed her boosters from 3 seconds to 4 seconds

its not a HUGE deal but she just became META and she should at least get a compensation for it

like 0.5 or 1.0 second CD on DM

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Here’s the patch notes from the PTR for you.

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I know you’re joking… But this is EXACTLY how Overwatch balance works.

However remember, if you do just one post and act civil it wont get any attention or be taken seriously. You need to spam posting threads and have others do the same, the more obnoxious the better.

You might think I’m over exaggerating, but I’m not. This is exactly how Overwatch “balances” it’s game.


tbh I was like HALF joking

because that is basically how it works

Last I checked DVA was and always has been hitscan


It didn’t the 1st time, or the 2nd time… I doubt it will this time.

this just shows that devs count us tank mains as 2nd class citizens

they literally compared us to strawberry ice cream


At least they can never nerf her sex appeal.

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Let’s build a thread with all of the fellow tank players and get our 3/2/1 buffs on the main game.


I second this

who is with us?

Me! I am! I’ll die for the tanks to be spotlight.

Hey I like strawberry ice cream

I agree with this change, but some things may need to be nerfed like zarya’s bubbles and DVa’s DM recharge rate

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You forgot doomfist is a dps and the game caters towards them. Thats why the complaints resulted in a revert. Us tanks dont have that luxury.

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me too actually.

and mint icecream