Mauga's New Weapons?

IS there a way to rework Maugas incidinary/miniguns to make it be a shotgun like reaper instead of 2 miniguns? Also of course I would wanna change the ammo to like 20 max ammo. How would you change that if you can. If someone can show me the rule for this, that would be great!

Yes this is Possible, the only ways i know of to edit weapons like that is either

1: have a dummy bot hidden within the player, aiming where they are and firing instead of the player.


2: disable the weapons (I think that’s bugged with the workshop for Mauga so use the Game Settings), and have your own Script creating Projectiles with the stats that you want, firing when button is held and other conditions like (Has Status Effect, Stunned, Knocked Down, Etc, Is Dead, Is Emoting Any, etc).

(with method 1, you can link the players ammo to the Bots Ammo. but with both methods you can just Reduce the current ammo when the script is used)