Mauga possible origin: Talon and Crusaders connected?

So many sources are making Mauga a probable contender for most likely next Hero, confirmed to be a male tank.

The giant, charming megalomaniac is shown to be wearing Heavy Assault garb in Baptiste’s short novel, and the Heavy Assault units in the Archives shows to have a charge entirely similar to Reinhardt’s. Plus, dude is unbelievably jacked, almost impossibly so, like Reinhardt.

Perhaps not Mauga specifically, but could it be possible Talon has stolen or purchased the Crusader technology and genetic therapy to create their own large, powerful Heavy Assaults?

Mauga hasn’t seemed to lose his muscle mass over the years since he and batiste were together. Perhaps his training and fitting into Talon could be connected to the German Crusader technology.

It’ll be interesting to see interactions between Rein and Mauga if that’s the case. A bit of an antithesis to our old tank.
Where both men are charming and speak to others friendly, Rein has an honorable soul, where Mauga delights in making his targets bleed bullets.

Thoughts on possible Mauga, Talon and Crusader tech connections?

I dont think there is any connection besides them just being big. The Crusader’s were a german program, and Mauga is from Polynesia. Likewise, the Heavy Assaults are already unrelated to Crusaders.

Big suit of armor with a jet isnt really something unique and company bound. Pharah also exists and has similar tech. Prosthetics is another thing, where most of the heroes with prosthetics have different sources. Genji’s are from Overwatch, Doomfist is from his family’s business presumably, Sojourn’s from one of the Canadian prosthetics companies, Junkrat’s is made out of garbage in the outback, Sym’s from Vishkar.

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Oh I’m not insinuating that Mauga was a part of the crusader program, only a possibility that he underwent a similar process that Reinhardt and the German soldiers went through those many years prior to present day.

Talon has already taken hold of plenty of major powers whether through cooperation (Vishkar, Maximilian), foundation (Doomfist, former Blackwatch commander and world renowned geneticist), and theft (Amelie, pillaging from mercenary tasks.)

It wouldn’t be too far fetched to assume they’d take old yet effective techniques through profit or force like the Crusader program. I’m pretty sure they are not really a thing anymore unless I am mistaken.

I just think it’d be a good opportunity to make Mauga’s character a fine antithesis to Reinhardt. But even then Crusader genetic treatment isn’t necessary for the comparisons.

I always assumed that some people were just really big in this setting, but if the crusaders are that size due to some kind of process they undergo then I could see talons larger units originating from a copycat program.

I think that some people are just really big in the Overwatch universe. We have like four characters who are all skirting seven feet tall, and none of them seem to have any mention of genetic therepy/cybernetics associated with them.

That said, I wouldn’t put it past an organization like Talon to adopt some more questionable means of creating rank and file soldiers of that size and strength. From what we know, the Crusaders were a very small band of exceptional people, but having whole brigades of people that size lends credence to the idea that something else is afoot at Talon.

With Moira on their side, I see no reason not to suspect that she’s been adding a few lines to the genetic code for bigger, stronger soldiers at the behest of her fellow Talon members.

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I mean, today’s strongest people could probably barely manage to lift and wear the stuff Reinhardt and the Heavies are equipped with. It only makes sense.

Moira touching up the program would be a nice opportunity to explore in PvE though…