Matchmaker Bug - Support Role in Completive

I am playing Solo Que as Support role. I am not here to complain. I really think something is very wrong with the matchmaker. I never lost this much in all of the years I have played this game in competitive where every loss is due to an unfair and unbalanced match one sided loss after another.

I am convinced this must be a bug. The random chance or me getting match after match and another match where my whole team loses and at the very end of the match our entire team has 0 kills when the match is over and we lose again.

Last match our tank had 1 kill but the rest of my team had 0 kills. That cannot be the fault of the healers because we were doing the best we can but when your whole team is being wiped out in a matter of seconds you will die or the entire enemy team is focused on killing us healers but my team can’t kill anything so killing healers for them is not possible because they have 0 kills at the end of the match or up to 10 kills if I am lucky while the enemy team healers have not died once.

This just started happening to me within the past week playing the support role after the last patch or update. I was at Gold 4 and now Silver 3 and almost Silver 4 by losing over and over again which is not fun. The game is NOT fun when the matches are not even and unfair. The match is impossible to win as support. I feel bad for the tank because our DPS cannot get any kills.

One out of maybe ten matches my dps and tank might get more than ten kills but the other dps on my team still has less than 5 kills. Impossible to win.

At this point it must be a but or else it means that the matchmaker is the worst at making fair matches. All of the matches are unfair one sided loss after another. Then maybe one out of fifteen matches my dps and tank are so good that the entire enemy team has 0 - 5 kills and its them that losses very badly but usually that is my team.