Masters Lucio 370+ Hours Opinion on Changes


Just got done testing Lucio changes out (Among other changes) and I have mixed feelings on the changes that are overall positive with two complaints in general.

There was another change not listed. There is now an annoying sound effect that plays when Lucio starts or stops a wall ride that sounds like a DJ scratching at a turn table. It’s very soft, but oh so very noticable if you are starting and stopping wall-wides in rapid succession (Which is still needed if you want to move unpredictable and avoid death).

This is very annoying and I would greatly appreciate it if it didn’t make it to live or at least had a toggle. I can understand its use in testing (like on the PTR). But to be in the live game with no option to disable would be very irritating.

The other complaint is how slow Lucio feels now.

On maps like Anubis and Ruins Illios I could zip around the pillars at blinding speeds being able to get in and out of fights. It felt good, it felt great… now it feels hollow and empty.

I appreciate making wall-riding consistent. The below changes I like a lot:

But all the other changes I am personally not a fan of and feel like they actually nerf Lucio rather than buff him.


I don’t know, I really liked the changes.


I like half of the changes.

But I am oh so noticeably slower now. I’m more consistent with my wall-rides thanks to:

But thanks to

I am so very slow. I’m also not much of a fan of:

  • Can now go around corners (both outside corners, and inside corners) without having to leave the wall