Massive lag after 5-10 minutes of playing

I’ve been having this problem since Overwatch 1st anniversary event, the problem seems to be half my cores getting disabled, I’ve tried software or even altering the ValueMax but nothing seems to work.
It’s not an HDD/SSD problem, since I recently changed it (2 weeks ago), and not a bottleneck issue since other games like CS:GO, Fortnite or even WoW work with no problem.

My PC (laptop) specs are here:

i7 5500U
AMD R5 M330

Please help me with this problem, I can’t find a solution even after a year :confused:

They have a sticky about Ryzen CPUs, maybe it’s related to that? Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021 - #18 by Drakuloth?

Nothing to do with that, it doesn’t crash, I think it’s an overheating problem, since after 10 minutes the laptop becomes hot and the fps drops to single digits, checking on Task Manager and I get 2 of my cores/threads disabled and load on 50% (basically 100% for the other 2 cores), I’ll maybe get a laptop cooler to see if that helps, if not, then guess I’m leaving OW behind :frowning: (until I get a better system or it comes out on the Switch, who knows).