Massive fps drop

Before the new update I was able to run the game at 240 fps smoothly and now I can’t even run it at higher than 20 fps? What happened?


Without any information about your system, it could be a near infinite number of potential reasons. Of the top of my head we could be dealing with Driver issues, If you have dual GPUs (integrated/dedicated) you could be defaulting to the integrated GPU. There could be corrupt settings with the GPU in Windows or With the game client itself, there could be any number of programs running on the system that can affect GPU access or performance within the game client. There could be permission issues or other OS level instabilities at work here.

You are welcome to try anything you can think of related to the above but if you are looking for more direct community support it would help if you could provide us with some information as mentioned here.

Here is system information

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Before today I was running the game at solid 75fps, now it is the same as the other person reported

UPDATE: My fps drop definitely comes from Overwatch suddenly starting to spike the CPU to 100%

Use the --tank_WorkerThreadCount x command line option in the game options in the Blizzard Launcher to limit the game to x threads where x is the number of your physical cores NOT logical cores.

On Intel systems disable Hyper-Threading in the BIOS or on AMD systems disable simultaneous multithreading (SMT) in the BIOS.

Alternatively use the program Process Lasso to disable Hyper-Threading/simultaneous multithreading for just the Overwatch 2 process but this doesn’t work as well as disabling Hyper-Threading/simultaneous multithreading in the BIOS.

Similar issue here, which is why I even bothered to go here. Game would run smoothly prior to the one punch man collab update. updated drivers, tried toning down setting to potato it up as much as i could but the game now eats up all my CPU capacity which it did not do previously. updated drivers, same issue. even tried to optimize game settings with nvidia maybe i missed something and it said i could run the game at higher specs with no issues.

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I get pretty stable 75+ FPS but what seems to be randomly drops to like 55-60 FPS keeps happening every few seconds. This is VERY annoying because i don’t know what is causing this and what to do. It’s like suddenly the game uses all of the CPU for a second for no reason.

yes, i can confirm the latest patch has caused serious performance issues

Same here. I have a quite slow gaming laptop(GTX 1050Ti and i5-7300HQ) but before “One-Punch” a had always over 100fps with low settings in 1080p but now it drops to under 60 and barely 100 at best…

There’s also a problem with the frametime. there’s stutter here and there and that happens after the season 3 patch.

im getting the framerate stutters every single second since the latest patch, making it nearly impossible to play

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The game stutters heavily when someone switches heroes in the spawn room.

It’s been an issue since day 1 but somehow it got worse since season 3.

the lags make the game unplayable

micro stutter constantly

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same here, 44% CPU usage with 0.1% GPU usage.

Could be shader compilation stutters as a “new” asset is loaded into the game world.

Proper behaviour is the game will compile shaders upon launch after a fresh install when no shader cache is present for Overwatch 2 or after some updates (could be a Overwatch 2 or GPU driver update).

The game since the last update is compiling shaders upon every game launch and/or during gameplay for some people.

What CPU and GPU?

Those values are very low.

Could be, it makes sense.

My game runs perfectly fine until someone switches and I get a micro stutter. It’s not game breaking but it’s sure annoying as hell.

I’ll mess around with the task manager later and check if I get unusual disk usage spikes when switching heroes.

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